Catch a Tygar’s Toe gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Got ’em.

Not every job requires you to go in guns blazing in Cyberpunk 2077. If you’re careful and a little smart, you can slip past an army of enemies unnoticed and slip in to complete a task without anyone knowing you were there. With the Catch a Tygar’s Toe gig, you’ll be asked to upload a malware program into the server of the Megabuilding H11.

Where to find Megabuilding H11

The Megabuilding H11 is in Northside, a district in Watson, on the south side. It’s right next to Kabuki and Little China.

How to upload [email protected]’s malware to the server

[email protected] was kind enough to already hack the elevator for you in the building, so all you have to do is follow the mission indicator and go down to the fifth floor to the server room. This area is hostile when you enter it, so you’re better off crouching when you arrive.

When you enter the server room, there will be multiple enemies on the left side of the room, in the lower area. While you above them and they cannot see you, multiple cameras are sweeping the area, and if they catch you, everyone will be alerted. However, you can use them to your advantage. If you plan to be sneaky about this, we recommend applying a breach hack to one of the cameras and then placing a ping hack on it to highlight all nearby enemies. You can do that with the camera on the right side of the room, closest to you, and then turn it off once you’ve pinged the enemies using remote deactivation.

There are two routes you can take, the left or the right path. If you go down the left path, it’s more exposed and above the enemies. The camera we recommended you use to ping the enemies will also see you, so turn it off if you go this route.

If you go to the right, there’s a camera in that stairwell, so turn it off when you see it. Other than blocking the stairs, it doesn’t do anything helpful for you.

While there’s a third camera in the center of the room in the main area overlooking everyone. You can use it to view everyone, potentially hack things in the room, or turn it off. If you can’t hack anything, we recommend turning it off.

We took the route to the right, down the stairs. It offered us the best vantage point to hide from the four enemies. From this position, we were able to sneak up on the one to the far left of the room, sitting in the chair. You can grab them and take them out silently. Once you take them out, grab their body and bring them back to the stairwell, so no one notices them.

From there, you’ll have to choose which of the three you want to take out next. The one on the left side of the room remains in there but wanders to the right side every so often. If you wait a bit, that gang member on the left side stays in their spot, and the two on the right remain on their side, with the one in the far corner never moving. You can knock the person out on the right and then drag them behind the servers, so no one sees them.

After we took out that person on the left side of the room, one of the gang members moved right behind us, next to the server. But they don’t stay there for long. Wait for them to move, and you can sneak back around to use a cleaning machine to distract them. Once they’re distracted, grab them or the other person, take them out and then do it to the other.

With all of the enemies eliminated, go to the back of the room, and you can upload the malware. There is another Tygar member sleeping, but if you did not make noise or alert any guards, they’ll remain lying down and won’t disturb you. All you have to do now is leave the area, the mission is complete.