Century: Age of Ashes chests explained

Understand these mysterious boxes.


Screenshot by Gamepur

When you think of chests in a free-to-play title like Century: Age of Ashes, you immediately think of premium loot boxes that require you to spend real-world cash on in-game currency for the chance to earn some new cosmetics. However, Century: Age of Ashes takes a very different approach. This guide explains how chests work in the game, so you know what you need to do to make the most of them.

Incremental rewards

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In Century: Age of Ashes, you get one chest per week. For those seven days, you can earn one key every day by completing daily challenges. These challenges require you to do many things, such as dodge fireballs, provide shields, or get kills with mines. If you’re successful, you’ll get a key that goes towards your total count for the week. When the week ends, you’ll be given a chest with rewards in it based on the number of keys you earned. As you’d expect, the rewards get better the more keys you have. The rewards scale for chests is as follows. 

  • 1 key: 200 Coins.
  • 3 keys: 250 Coins, 5% chance to get 50 Gems, and a new profile item.
  • 5 keys: 300 Coins, 10% chance to get 50 Gems, a Booster, and a 5% chance of getting a Dragon Egg.
  • 7 keys: 400 Coins, 15% chance to get 50 Gems, a Booster, a new profile item, a 10% chance of getting a Dragon Egg, and a 5% chance of getting some new armor.