Code Vein: Where to find Old World Materials

Code Vein’s unique gameplay relies on companions and allies as much as it relies on flexibility. They heal you, trade items, sell items, buy items, upgrade your weapons, draw an enemy’s attention, etc. The game is centered around this relationship with your allies. The few decent survivors in this desolate world need to help and protect each other.

Shang is one of these allies. A merchant, Shang appears after you defeat Oliver Collins and discover the Home Base. Return to the Ruined City Underground, Outer Crossroads Mistel. During the events at Home Base, Shang makes himself at home at the Outer Crossroads Mistel.

Speak with Shang, and you’ll learn, briefly, that he’s a merchant that deals in Valuables. His stock, according to the Code Vein wiki, includes Fragrant Tea, Local Pennant, Flower Seeds, Antique LP Record, Custom Gun Parts, Protein Powder, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Well-worn tool, and Blood Bead Candy. He will happily sell you these items in exchange for Old World Materials.

All of these Valuables increase your relationship with the other companions and supports. While you won’t woo them at any point, they will give you better items and Blood Codes the more you give them their preferred Valuables. See our guide on Valuables for more info.

Where do you find Old World Materials?

Old World Materials are found as you continue your adventure. They can be found in chests, dropped by enemies, given by NPCs, dropped from bosses, and sold by some merchants. When they’re added to your inventory, you’ll see a notification with a shining gold gear icon, indicating Old World Materials.

If you’re looking for a specific area to find them, you’ll be disappointed. Some places, like the Ruined City Center, are better than others when grinding. But, for the most part, Old World Materials are random drops and scattered through the map.

Old World Materials are a useful resource because of their potential to earn Valuables. Grind for them in the Ruined City Center or get lucky with enemy drops and finds. You’ll find your purse laden with them soon enough.