All Crucible drop pods, ranked

All eight drop pods ranked from worst to best.


Crucible offers a lot of cosmetics. From skins to emotes to drop pods, there are many options to customizing your characters. Most games feature skins and emotes and voice lines. Crucible adds drop pods to the list. 

Drop pods are exactly what they sound like. Players will drop onto the map inside one of their drop pods. Unlike skins, which are unique to each character, there are only eight drop pod options. You can equip each character with a different drop pod, but your options do not change depending on character. 

There are only eight drop pods in the game so far. One is the default skin, two are for credits, and the remaining five are earned by leveling up in the battle pass. Because there are only eight drop pod options, we will rank them from worst to best. These are a matter of personal preference and by no means an official list.

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8. Scalzi-DokaniMo Robotic Pod

The fact that this pod is a battle pass exclusive is what makes this the worst pod of eight. Some might value it for its minimalism but it doesn’t do it in a meaningful or creative way that makes it a worthy purchase. Plus players have to reach level 37 to unlock it in the first place. That’s a lot of gameplay for a little reward. This is just a robotic egg. Other drop pods offer variety in shape and form, but there is nothing interesting about the Scalzi-DokaniMo Robotic Pod. 

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7. Leng-Garr Industrial Pod

This drop pod isn’t terrible. It is somewhat reminiscent of Borderlands. This drop pod has a similar problem to the first, it’s not worth the money nor the level requirement to earn this drop pod. This drop pod has the highest level among drop pods at 73. If players are grinding for loot, this is not worth the time. Other, better looking, drop pods are earned at lower levels or for just credits alone. 

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6. Unity Standard Issue Drop Pod

It’s really saying something that the default drop pod is not the worst option. This is an average, ordinary design that is nothing special nor terrible, just as any standard issue item would be. 

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5. Gold Trimmed Exploration Pod

The Gold Trimmed Exploration Pod is the first that can be unlocked with credits. It’s not a bad drop pod, just a slightly above average pod that doesn’t offer much in the realm of color or design. 

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4. Safety Orange Research Pod

Amazon hasn’t really figured out what to charge for their designs. This drop pod is okay. It is average at best, but has the second highest level requirement in the battle pass at 55. 

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3. Sea Foam Exploration Pod

Finally, we’re near our top three. The Sea Foam Exploration Pod is a beautiful color combination for only credits. The structure isn’t anything special and it’s a recolor of the Gold Trimmed Exploration Pod, but it is the best for credit option of all the drop pods.


2. Rising Tide Battle Pod

The Rising Tide Battle Pod is our runner up for best drop pod. It has a unique structure, good design, and great colors. It also makes some good use of contrast. It unlocks fairly early in the battle pass, at level 18, so it wouldn’t be too hard to reach. 

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1. Prima’s Blade Pod

The best drop pod goes to the Prima’s Blade Pod. A regal white pod with red and gold accents, it is one of the best visually designed pod of the bunch. It also is the first unlocked in the battle pass at tier two. For players that have the battle pass, it will be easy to get early on. 

This is all a matter of opinion and others may differ. The main problem with all of the drop pods is the level requirement in the battle pass. Most of them are just not worth the money, especially at higher levels.