Cyberpunk 2077 2.0: How To Fix CE-108255-1 Error on PS5

Find a quick fix for the CE-108255-1 error on PS5 and start playing Cyberpunk 2077 2.0.

Image via CDProjektRed

An error message can be a real buzzkill, especially when you’re eager to dive into the neon-lit streets of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 on your PlayStation 5. The CE-108255-1 error is causing quite a stir among gamers, and the reality is this is not the first time Cyberpunk players run into this issue. In fact, the error is not exclusive to Cyberpunk, as it’s also affected players across other games like Destiny 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3. Still, we’ve got your back with this guide on squashing this bug and getting back to your cyber-adventures.

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0: Error CE-108255-1 PS5 Fix

PlayStation has issued an official statement about this error message with the following recommendations:

  1. Before anything else, ensure that your PS5 system software and Cyberpunk 2077 are current. The latest update for Cyberpunk dropped on the 21st, introducing Update 2.0.
  2. If the error persists after updating, it’s time for some uninstall-reinstall action. Head to Settings > Storage and delete Cyberpunk 2077. Then, brave the waiting game while it downloads again. This fresh start is sometimes all you need to get back on track.

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0: What is the CE-108255-1 Error on PS5

Image via CDProjektRed

The CE-108255-1 error appears to be tied to the massive Update 2.0 patch that transformed Cyberpunk 2077. If you installed the game before this update, it might be the root cause of your troubles. CD Projekt Red is hard at work on fixes, so watch for future updates.

In the meantime, stay patient and remember that Night City will still be there when your PS5 is back in action. In the meantime, why not prep your character build with CDProjektRED’s official Build Planner? That way, you’ll be able to jump right into action as soon as everything’s fixed. Follow these steps, and you’ll soon be back to hacking, shooting, and exploring the dystopian future.