Cyberpunk 2077 endings guide – all endings and how to get them

Paying the piper.

Image via CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 has multiple endings, but like most games, you won’t be able to get quite a few of them unless you know what you need to do in advance. In this guide, we will run through the various different endings and what requirements you will need to have met to be able to get them.

There is a single default ending to the game that will be available to everyone as part of the main storyline. There are four “Epilogues” that are each different endings. Some of these have their own twists that we will highlight. Finally, there is a secret “bad” ending that you can also opt into if you wish.

All these endings boil down to one singular nexus choice when you are on a balcony talking to Misty and Johnny in the Nocturne Op55N1 mission.

Default ending – Where Is My Mind? (Devil Trophy)

This is the default ending and involves working with Hanako. It is always an option no matter what way you play through the game. If you want to get the Trophy with this ending, you need to have saved Takemura during the Search and Destroy mission.

You will need to pick the “Think trusting Araska’s risky but worth it” dialogue option, then take the Omega Blockers. There are two potential variant endings from this. You will end up in space getting poked and prodded by doctors. Hellman will eventually show up and offer you a contract. You can either sign the contract or refuse. Signing will get your mind archived just like Johnny’s was, not signing will see you sent back to earth where V will eventually succumb to his brain injuries.

All Along The Watchtower

This ending is reliant on the side missions for Panam. You need to have completed her missions to gain an alliance with the Aldecaldos and you need to have done this before the point of no return in the main story, which is the Nocturne Op55N1 mission. To get this ending, you need to call Panam when you are on the balcony with Misty and Johnny. Select “Gonna ask Panam for help” then take the Omega Blockers. You will end up getting a chain of missions that ends with “Belly of the Beast”. Kill Adam Smasher, then interact with the Alt AI. Select “Wanna live out whatever life I got left“, and then enter the Well.

This ending means that Johnny will stay in cyberspace and V will return to his body and leave Night City with the Nomads and Panam. This is effectively the best ending if you have romanced Panam.

New Dawn Fades

There are two ways to get the New Dawn Fades ending. The first is exactly the same as the steps outlined above, except you choose to cross the bridge with Alt when you are inside the Mikoshi. If you do this, V will stay in cyberspace and Johnny will inherit his body.

The other route involves Johnny and his relationship with Rogue. For this one, you will need to have completed the Blistering Love mission. For this one, you will need to do all the Tapeworm missions. These are conversations that you can have with Johnny at the following points:

  • Upon leaving Clouds after Automatic Love
  • After speaking with Alt in Transmission
  • After talking to Anders Hellman in Life During Wartime
  • After speaking with Hanako via proxy in Search and Destroy

You will need to end up agreeing to let Johnny take over your body so he can speak to Rogue, and then playing through his side missions Chippin’ In and Blistering Love.

When on the balcony you will have the option to call Rogue for help if you have done all this correctly. You will also need to take the Pseudoendotrizine to give your body to Johnny, sending both Johnny and Rogue on a rerun against Araska, just like they did all those years ago. This will then have two potential offshoots:

  • Inside Mikoshi you can cross the bridge with Alt. V will remain in Cyberspace and Johnny will inherit his body.
  • Inside Mikoshi you can enter the well, Johnny remains in Cyberspace and V becomes a legend in Night City, just like he and Jackie always dreamed of. This is not the New Dawn Fades ending and is actually a new ending called Path to Glory.

Path To Glory

One of the routes to this ending is covered above, but there is another one. If you do not make any choice on the balcony with Misty and Johnny and do not say anything at all. After some time, Jonny will give you a new option, as he assumes you don’t want to put anyone in danger. Johnny recommends a solo suicide run against the Mikoshi.

There also seems to be some impact on getting this ending through the Chippin’ In mission, when you speak to Johnny at his grave. You will need to pick the following dialogue options when they appear:

  • The guy who saved my life
  • Nah, fucked that up too

This is one of the toughest endings to get through and is the real definition of the Night City Legend. It is a solo Raid against Araska tower, with no respawns. You will need the best possible gear. It is, frankly, tough as hell, and is by far the most challenging content in the game.

There is no guarantee of success here, as effectively dying during the Raid is the secret ending, and will turn V into a legend. If you manage to make it through you can enter the well in Mikoshi to get the Path of Glory ending, or go with Alt to get the New Dawn Fades ending.

The “Bad” ending – Path of Least Resistance

For this ending, you simply kill yourself. When you are making your choices during the Nocturne mission, you will have the chance to reconsider. You can then crush the pills and end your own life. This ending will result in lots of phone calls during the credits from your friends in the game telling you they miss you or wished you had contacted them or found a different way to handle things.