Dave The Diver Sets Sail on Switch Today With New, Exclusive Features

Dave The Diver has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch, and it comes packed with a slew of exclusive features for the hybrid platform.

dave the diver coming to switch featured image

Image via Nintendo

Dave the Diver has officially landed on Nintendo Switch with the latest updates and features and some exclusive Switch interactions that players should enjoy throwing the Joy-Cons around for.

The phenomenal fishing and restaurant management game Dave The Diver has finally lifted anchor from its PC-only status and has arrived on Nintendo Switch. The game blew fans away when it was first released earlier this year, but Switch fans have been eagerly anticipating the title ever since it was revealed during a Nintendo Direct.

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Nintendo Switch Players Can Now Sell Sushi to Their Hearts Content in Dave The Diver

In Dave The Diver, players will descend into the depths of the ocean in search of fish to serve in their sushi restaurant. Along the way, they’ll encounter some incredibly hostile fish that need cooking up and a mystery or two.

The name of the game is upgrading every facility to ensure the next dive is more lucrative. The sense of progression helps make the game become a sort of addiction players can’t put down. Of course, there’s also a story that unfolds over time, bringing everything players need for a great time in one now handheld package.

This version of Dave The Diver is packaged with the game’s most recent update, which launched on October 10. It adds more missions, new species of fish to catch, and even a boss fight. But that’s not all Switch fans have to look forward to.

The Nintendo Switch version of Dave The Diver has unique controls for mini-games that allow players to make the most of their Joy-Cons. They’re pretty impressive, breathing life into what were already enjoyable mini-games with new interactions that make the title feel tailor-made for the platform.

Dave The Diver really came out of nowhere when it was first released. Nobody expected it to be quite as much fun to play as it is. But the sheer amount of world to explore, the addictive mini-games, and the sushi restaurant element make for a compelling game that couldn’t be more at home on Nintendo’s hybrid console.