DDV: Complete Belle’s The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley

Uncover the true identity of the Best Mystery Solver in DDV by completing Belle’s level 7 friendship quest.

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Belle’s pursuit to uncover what’s behind this mystery book continues in the Best Mystery Solver in the Dreamlight Valley. Armed with her Papa’s Translation Machine, she’s unraveled that this book is a voyage tied to a mysterious figure. But due to the Forgetting erasing part of her identity, there are a couple of objects to find to refresh her memory. With the visual clues of the memory, find the lost object and board in the Valley to complete Belle’s Level 7 friendship quest.

How to Find the Lost Object in the Memory in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Once Belle’s level 7 friendship quest starts, the first step is to look for the Journal page in the inventory. After looking at it, a memory fragment will be unlocked: a straw hat is near a pond. Perhaps if we went there, Belle would remember more about this.

To find the lost object at the spot pictured in the first memory, head to the Glade of Trust and look for some golden bubbles in the largest pond. After successfully fishing the straw hat, Belle will recall a second fragment of that memory.

Where to Find The Board Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The second fragment shows a sort of classroom with a Board. Head to Mickey’s Secret Room inside the castle to find the board for The Best Mystery Solver in the Valley. This is the door with a colored circle at the center, which can be found to the right of the Forgotten Castle

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After heading there with Belle, she’ll recall that she is, in fact, the best mystery solver. She’ll need some adequate furniture for her job to get back to her position. So, order an Elegant Armchair from Scrooge McDuck and talk to the Beast to get a desk for her. When all that’s in the inventory, all that’s left is to take a cute selfie with Belle in her new office to complete The Best Mystery Solver in Disney Dreamlight Valley.