DDV: How to Complete Breaking the Code Disney Dreamlight Valley

Crack the code behind Belle’s mysterious book by completing DDV’s Breaking the Code Friendship Quest.

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Breaking the Code, the Mysterious Book Belle found in the Library seems to be written in code, but with her Papa’s Translation Machine, we can uncover its true meaning. However, getting that translation machine to work is a bit trickier than just opening your Google Translate app. Completing DDV’s Breaking the Code friendship quest involves finding the crafting recipe for a translation machine, gathering the materials to craft it, and then bypassing Papa’s password.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Maurice Design Pages Location in Breaking the Code

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To find all the design pages, head to the following locations:

AppearancePage Location
Inside the Beast’s room, next to the Earth globe.
In a corner of the Library.
Inside the maze, next to a wooden door. There are actually two pages here, but only one of them can be Picked up.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Craft a Translation Machine in Breaking the Code

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This is the Translation Machine recipe, along with where to obtain the materials to craft it.

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  • 30x Softwood Plaza, which can be obtained in the Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust.
  • 4x Tinkering Parts, which can be crafted with Iron Ingots.
  • 20x Glass, which can be crafted with Sand and Coal.
  • 1x Motherboard, which is given by Wall-e.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Translation Machine Correct Answers in Breaking the Code

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After hunting for the recipe in the Beauty and the Beast Realm, collecting the raw materials, crafting it, and giving it to Belle, there’s just one more thing to do to complete DDV’s Breaking Code: to decode the Translation Machine’s password. This involves answering some of Belle’s questions:

Belle’s QuestionCorrect Answer
So, the bravest horse of them all must be……Phillipe
The right moment in a book to learn about someone’s true identity?Everybody knows it’s during Chapter 3.
A majordomo under an Enchantress spell would turn into……a candelabra…for sure.