How to fix the Heart of Dreamlight Valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Repel the darkness.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley surrounds your character with the mystical power of Dreamlight and allows you to use it to destroy the Night Thorns and help you end the Forgetting. The magical town in which you reside contains a magical heart that helps keep it alive. Unfortunately, the heart is broken and it is up to you to try and fix it. This guide will show you how to fix the Heart of Dreamlight Valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Heart of Dreamlight Valley quest guide

After helping Maui with various tasks, you will be given the Heart of Dreamlight Valley quest once you raise his Friendship Level to level 10. Talk to Maui and he will give you some Scraping Stones and the hunk of Limestone that you fished out of the ocean in the previous quest. Go to a crafting station and use the Scraping Stones on the Limestone to reveal the first half of the Heart of Dreamlight Valley.

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The heart is meant to reside in the statue at the top of the stairs in Dream Castle. Go inside Dream Castle and search around the statue for the other half of the Heart of Dreamlight. Once you find it, talk to Maui and he will tell you to talk to Merlin about how to fix the heart.

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After speaking to Merlin, you will be given a list of materials needed to fix the heart. Merlin will tell you to find the following items:

  • Water from the Frosted Heights
  • Water from the Forgotten Lands
  • Three Purified Night Shards

To get the two types of water, simply go to the Frosted Heights and Forgotten Lands biomes and interact with the water where it is glowing in each area. The Purified Night Shards are obtained by combining Night Shards and Dream Shards at a crafting station.

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Use the materials to fix the Heart of Dreamlight Valley at a crafting station. After it’s fixed, talk to Maui and you will be tasked with returning the heart to its rightful place. Place the heart in the statue and talk to Maui to complete the quest. You will get a statue of Maui for all your hard work.