DDV: Complete Belle’s The Chronicles of the Ancient in Dreamlight Valley

Become the best of friends with Belle after completing her level 10 friendship quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Chronicles of the Ancient brings Belle’s friendship arc to a close. It’s a quest packed with resource-gathering tasks, some crafting exercises, and, of course, cryptic hints that aren’t easy to figure out. To complete Belle’s Level 10 friendship quest and become her best buddy, a trapped chest and some scroll symbols must be found in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

How to Find the Trapped Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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In The Chronicles of the Ancient, follow these steps to find the chest on Ariel’s island.

  1. Board the raft to Dazzle Beach to head to Ariel’s Island.
  2. Head toward the left end of the island until you hit a barrel and some scattered broken logs.
  3. To the barrel’s right, a chest will be in between two rocks.

After finding the chest, gather the rope and iron ingots, give them to the Beast, and head back to Ariel’s Island with him.

All Scroll Symbol Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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AppearanceSymbol HintLocation
N/AFind the first symbolTo the trapped chest’s right, on Ariel’s Island.
Under the eyes of icy peaksHead to the Frosted Heights and look for a smaller mountain symbol next to the cave’s entrance.
Near watery ruinsHead to the Glade of Trust and look for a huge rock behind the Well with a willow tree symbol.
In the darkest part of the landsHead to the Forgotten Lands and look for a moonlit beach symbol on the bordering rocks near the Well.

With all these pictures, head to Beast’s House and open the chest to unveil the Chronicles of the Ancient in DDV. 

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To complete Belle’s friendship quest, gather all the required crystals, bring them back to Fairy Godmother to dispel the book’s magic, and then return to Belle. Her final request is that you place the Chronicles of the Ancient near the piles of books in the Library.