Dead By Daylight: How To Complete the Core Memory Challenge

The Core Memory Challenge may be one of the most difficult in Dead by Daylight, but it can be made easier.


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Dead by Daylight’s Rift tasks players with tackling all sorts of challenges every season. Some are simple, like racking up a certain number of Bloodpoints, while others are tricker. Some, however, are just downright nasty and feel impossible to complete.

While most players understand how the game’s Runes work, Memory Shards were only introduced with the refocus on lore. They push players to take risks in a game where risks don’t always equal rewards, but they do make for a thrilling Trial.

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How to Complete the Core Memory Challenge in Dead by Daylight

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To complete the Core Memory Challenge in Dead by Daylight, players must collect 3 Memory Shards in a single Trial. They need to either escape the Trial with them, or synchronize with the Archives Portal to secure the Memory Shards.

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To collect Memory Shards, players must be on the lookout for glowing blue objects around the map. They’re easy to spot when in direct view, but there are many obstructions across Dead by Daylight’s various maps. We find that using a Map item helps to locate all 3 Memory Shards quickly.

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Half of the battle with this challenge is finding all 3 Memory Shards. This can be tough since the Killer will hunt down any Survivor they see, so it’s essential to hide and creep around the map if a player wants to have any chance of getting all 3.

Then, when the player finally has 3 Memory Shards in their possession, they must look for the Archives Portal. It’s a glowing blue star that will appear when players get close to it, similar to Runes. Players need to walk up to the portal and hold the action button to synchronize the Memory Shards.

After that, they can get hooked, sacrificed, and die, and they’ll still have completed the challenge. If players don’t have a chance to find the Archives Portal, they’ll need to hold onto the Memory Shards and survive until the end of the Trial and escape. Then, they’ll complete the challenge when all the other in-game notifications pop up.

Core Memory Challenges are almost always linked to lore pages for the current Rift. These are the best challenges to complete early because they give players a look at the stories behind each character. They’re also slightly easier than some of the Killer-specific challenges that can take hours to tick off.