How to Mark Survivors as The Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight

Who will be the next Survivor to fall in Dead by Daylight?

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The Ghost Face is one of the many Killers you can play, as in Dead by Daylight. You may want to play as this Killer to defeat a particular team of Survivors. Like many Killers, The Ghost Face has multiple unique abilities that set them apart from the others, and one of these abilities has it so Ghost Face can mark their impending victims. Here’s what you need to know about how to Mark Survivors as The Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight.

How Ghost Face’s marking works in Dead by Daylight

It all comes down to using Ghost Face’s core abilities. Ghost Face has a unique ability called Night Shroud. They have access to this ability with a full power gauge, and while this is activated, they are Undetectable, making it difficult for Survivors to locate them. While in this state, the Ghost Face can Stalk a Survivor, allowing a Mark to appear on them. While the Survivor is Marked, they will have the Exposed status effect for a limited time.

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You will know you are Marked a Survivor by the light aura around them while using the Night Shroud ability. A Survivor is fully marked when the aura around them becomes red, and you should see a Marked notification on the top right of your screen. While a Survivor has the Exposed status effect, a Killer can take them down with a single basic attack rather than needing you to use two hits.

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There are items you can equip to The Ghost Face to decrease the time it takes Mark a target. For example, you may have to Mark Survivors to complete a challenge, but performing this action makes it much easier to defeat the many Survivors you will need to take down to complete a trial.