Dead by Daylight Tome 15 – Ascension Season Guide: Challenges, Lore & Rewards

Learn more about The Entity, unlock new cosmetics, and master every challenge thrown your way.


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Dead by Daylight Tome 15 – Ascension draws attention to The Skull Merchant and the Lyra siblings added to the game with the Tools of Torment Chapter. It brings new challenges to master, a Rift Pass packed with cosmetics to unlock, and so much more. This guide covers everything you need to know about the season, so you’re never stuck or confused.

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Tome 15 – Ascension Start & End Date

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Dead by Daylight Tome 15 – Ascension started on April 19, 2023, and should close on July 12, 2023. However, the closing date of the Rift is subject to change if developer Behaviour Interactive decides to extend it for any reason. For example, Rifts have been extended in the past when server outages have caused widespread problems for all players.

How to Unlock Memory Fragments

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Memory Fragments are the new version of Dead by Daylight’s lore, added with Tome 15 – Ascension. To unlock them, you need to complete Master Challenges during the season. These are the challenges with large icons and a small polaroid image in the top right-hand corner. There are 30 to unlock throughout the season. Each one brings a new story to life before your eyes through comic book page entries that fill in the background of some of the characters from the game.

How to Get the Tome 15 – Ascension Premium Rift Pass for Free

From April 26, any member of Amazon Prime can get the premium Rift Pass with Prime Gaming. Behaviour Interactive has confirmed this, and any players that have already purchased the Rift Pass will get 10 Tiers of progress for free instead. Usually, the Rift Pass costs 1,000 Auric Cells, roughly £10/$10. However, if you unlock every Tier, you get 1,200 Auric Cells as a reward, meaning the Rift Pass more than pays for itself. If you get it through Prime Gaming, you can purchase the Rift Pass for every season without spending anything apart from your Amazon Prime subscription. Read our guide on whether the Rift Pass is worth buying or not if you want to dig into the details.

What is the Deep Rift?

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The Deep Rift is a separate segment of the Rift Pass that contains cosmetics for characters that have been created as bonus items for those players that go the extra mile. Many of the skins in the Deep Rift are ultra-rare and won’t appear in Dead by Daylight again. The base Rift Pass usually only goes up to 70 Tiers, and with Tome 15 – Ascension, there are 15 Bonus Tiers, making for a total of 85 to unlock over the course of the season.