Dead by Daylight Tome 17: Commitment Rift Pass – Is it Worth it?

Battle Passes can be very hit or miss, but Dead by Daylight’s Tome 17: Commitment Rift Pass has some incredible cosmetics worth getting.

dead by daylight tome 17 rift pass worth it

Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight’s seasons are known by fans as Tomes. Each one comes with a new Rift Pass for players to work through, offering almost 100 cosmetics to unlock by completing challenges and earning Rift Shards by enjoying the game they love.

However, Rift Passes cost money, and it’s difficult to know if each one is worth it. While players should be able to make some judgments based on their availability for a Tome, it’s also good to know if the rewards are worth earning in the first place.

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What Are the Best Items in The Dead by Daylight Tome 17: Commitment Rift Pass

Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive

There are a few items from the Dead by Daylight Tome 17: Commitment Rift Pass that we think are worth buying the pass for alone. First is the Moba Expert outfit for Feng Min because it suits her character so well and is actually quite stylish.

Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive

The Night of Celebration and Night of Gathering outfits for the Lyra twins are also spectacular. We love how intricate and detailed they are. These are far more than just reskins of a shirt or a logo, they’re full outfits the development team put considerable effort into making, and we’d love to be caught dead in Dead by Daylight wearing them.

Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive

The Dredge’s Unwanted Toy skin is by far the best thing in this Tome’s Rift Pass. It’s disgusting, absolutely vile, and terrifying. This is a Killer that, when played well, scares every Survivor on the map and makes them panic. This skin also has a Deep Rift variant for players to earn, and it might be the best skin The Dredge has ever received.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Finally, we wanted to highlight the Creepy Pocket House Charm. Every other Charm in this Rift Pass is passable, but this one is what we look for. It’s animated, with the lights in the house blinking brighter now and then. Animated cosmetics are the peak of all cosmetics in games like Dead by Daylight, and with this one, we should be able to have a full roster of three on every Survivor.

What Are the Worst Items in the Dead by Daylight Tome 17: Commitment Rift Pass

Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive

Charms from Rift Passes are always hit and miss. We don’t have anything in particular against the ones in the Tome 17: Commitment Rift Pass, but they’re not great either. The outfits are easily the best thing in this pass.

Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive

Dwight Fairfield is a really difficult character to make a great skin for. The only ones we love are event-exclusives. His outfit for this Tome isn’t amazing, in fact it’s probably just fodder to work through until players pick up the Unwanted Toy skin for The Dredge.

Is the Dead by Daylight Tome 17: Rift Pass Worth it

We believe that the Dead by Daylight Tome 17: Rift Pass is worth it because players who work through the first 70 Tiers will more than earn back the in-game money they spent on it. The pass costs 1,000 Auric Cells and rewards dedicated players with 1,100 if they put the effort in.

15 additional levels in the Deep Rift award some of the best cosmetics we’ve ever seen for this game. Players on the fence should take the jump because if they work through at least 70 tiers, they’ll have enough cash to buy the next Rift Pass, the one after that, and so on.