Destiny 2 Iron Banner: Mode, Challenges, & Rewards (November 15-21)

For us PvP fanatics out there, the Iron Banner event in Destiny 2 gives us the nudge we need to jump into the crucible.

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Continuing the tradition from Destiny 1, Lord Saladin has been running the ever-popular Iron Banner event since Destiny 2’s launch. This is a limited-time event that only comes around a few times a year, so needless to say, it’s a pretty big deal, especially if you enjoy PvP.

In this guide, I’ll share every detail I can get my grubby little paws on, so you’ll be ready to take advantage of every reward available when it comes back around. Plus, I just love any excuse to talk about Destiny 2 weekly, so there’s that as well. I also want to stress how important it is to get these activities done as soon as possible, as Iron Banner is a limited-time event. Here is what you need to know about the Iron Banner event in Destiny 2.

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What Is The Iron Banner Event?

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The Iron Banner event is a PvP-focused event that rewards players with rare items that come around only three times a year. During this time, you’ll have a week to get as many ranks as you can by participating in this exclusive mode and completing challenges. There’s also a significant story reason for the Iron Banner, which includes the events from the Red War, where most of the guardians lost their ability to wield the traveler’s light. This caused the events’ patron, Lord Saladin, to sit aside as he could no longer muster the ability to run the events, but of course that changed once we defeated the Cabal.

When Does The Iron Banner Event Start?

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Currently, the event is running as of Wednesday, November 15th, and ends on Tuesday, November 21. This is set to be the final time that the event will be held this season. It’s a good idea to keep plugged in for any information that may appear during the next upcoming season, Season of the Wish, which is set to release on Tuesday, November 28. We’ll always give you a heads-up for when the event finally launches ahead of time.

What Are The Rewards for Iron Banner?

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This time around, you’ll have access to the usual engram rewards whenever you rank up, plus some weapons and legendary engrams. For the weapons, you’ll be able to pick up:

  • Point of the Stag at Rank 4
  • The Guiding Light at Rank 7
  • Pressurized Precision at Rank 10
  • Swarm Of The Raven at rank 13
  • Woodland Warband at Rank 16
  • The ability to reset your rank to earn more rewards is also at Rank 16.

All the weapons are legendary; this also includes the Woodland Warband emblem. Once you purchase the items, you’ll be able to unlock them in collections using Focused Decoding.

Iron Banner Reset Times

As mentioned before, the event is time-limited, running from November 15 to November 21, 2023. When the event is over, it will be replaced by the Trials of Osiris until it returns. You can access the event by returning to The Tower on Earth. Once there, you’ll be able to find Lord Saladin right in the middle of the courtyard with all his stuff set up in the usual event space. To access the actual event itself, that can be done from your map menu.

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And that’s all the information we have for you for now. Make sure to check back for future events involving the Iron Banner, as I’ll share the times and rewards you can earn while participating. Also, be sure to check out my Trials of Osiris guide, which will replace the Iron Banner event once it goes live. In the meantime, get out there and kick some tail, Guardian!