Destiny 2 – How To Complete Parting The Veil Quest

Parting The Veil is a new post-campaign quest on Neomuna that reveals more about The Veil and nets them Epochal Integration.


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Parting The Veil is a post-campaign quest on Neomuna added with Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. It takes players deeper into Neptune’s city to explore themes they’ve not tackled before and dive deeper into the questions surrounding the planet’s superweapon. This guide explains how to complete Parting The Veil so no Guardian is left behind.

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How to Start Parting The Veil

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After downloading the latest update for Destiny 2, Parting The Veil will be a new quest players can pick up from Nimbus on Neomuna. However, players must first complete the Unfinished Business Exotic quest to start Parting The Veil, so finish that quest up if it’s still outstanding and Parting The Veil doesn’t appear. Nimbus explains that there’s some new Vex activity on the planet and tasks the player with uncovering why.

How to Complete Parting The Veil

Once players have acquired Parting The Veil, they can start to work through each of the six quest steps. We’ve broken these down below to explain how to work through them best.

Step 1 – Collect Vex Tracking Data by Defating Cabal

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The first step in Parting The Veil requires players to defeat Cabal enemies and collect Vex Tracking Data. This simple step is akin to any Patrol on most planets. Kill Cabal enemies and collect the items that drop from their bodies. After about five minutes of farming Cabal, we’d finished this step of the quest.

Step 2 – Acquire Vex Data From Maya’s Retreat

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The second step of Parting The Veil sends players to Maya’s Retreat. We tracked the quest from the menu to receive waypoints to follow to the exact location because it’s impossible to find without them. Once players arrive, they’ll see a huge Vex Conflux that needs to be accessed, but there are a lot of Vex enemies in the way. Players must kill three massive waves of powerful Vex enemies before they can collect the Vex Data from the Conflux, completing this quest step. We took our time and fired at the Vex from afar with this step because they’re extremely strong. It might take a while to grind out the kills, but it’s doable without it becoming too frustrating.

Step 3 – Acquire Additional Vex Data From the Exterior of the Irkalla Complex

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This step is pretty much the same as Step 2. Players need to follow the quest’s waypoints to the Irkalla Complext and kill three nasty waves of Vex enemies. This one is easier than the last because there’s a good platform to stand on and shoot the Vex from. It provides cover and prevents the Vex enemies from crowding and overwhelming players. We only dropped down to finish off the larger enemies and use Supers to thin the herd of shiny robot foes. Once all the waves have been defeated, players can claim the Vex Data from the Conflux.

Step 4 – Complete the Parting The Veil Mission

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After completing Step 3, a new mission will unlock right next to the Irkalla Complex. It’s called Parting The Veil, and players need to complete it to progress this quest. The mission takes players deep under Neomuna, to The Veil and the arena where they faced Calus. Tracking the quest from the menu presents helpful waypoints to make progression that much quicker. After collecting some interesting logs, the player is forced to kill Taken enemies and then kill a formidable Tormentor boss called Imprint of Nezarec.

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This enemy is the toughest we’ve faced in a long time, and it took every ounce of our strength not to throw a controller through the screen each time it killed us. The best way to defeat it is to take out as many mobs as possible before attacking it. The large moveset means it can block paths and make life very unpleasant unless it’s dealt with quickly. Use a super with range to deal the most damage possible without taking too many hits. However, a Strand Subclass with Grapple is also pretty useful in this fight, so don’t discount it if the boss is proving to be too much. Machine Guns appear to be the best weapon to deal damage to Imprint of Nezarec, but any weapon players are comfortable with will work as long as they’re confident at taking enough shots.

Step 5 – Meditate on Your Findings

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With the Tormentor boss dead and players thoroughly scarred, it’s time to head back to the Hall of Heroes to digest what has happened. Once there, players can find a note and the Masterworked version of the Epochal Integration Hand Cannon. This is a decent Season of the Deep weapon, but the real boon of completing this quest is the new Strand Aspect that players can now find when they meditate at the Pouka Pond.