Destiny 2: It’s In the Cards Not Working Bug & How to Fix it

This Destiny 2 guide covers how to fix the It’s In the Cards bug that’s plaguing many players.

Screenshot by Gamepur

No Destiny 2 season launches without its fair share of bugs, and Season 21, Season of the Deep, is no exception. There have been relatively fewer bugs this time around, which is good, but one thing players have been experiencing (myself included) is a bug claiming rewards from Hawthorne. After completing her Commendations vendor challenge, you go to her in the Tower and cannot select the Accept prompt on the It’s In the Cards screen. This guide covers how to fix for In the Cards Not Working Bug in Destiny 2.

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What is It’s In the Cards Not Working Bug in Destiny 2?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The It’s In the Cards bug fix is simple: you need to be in a clan to progress through the screen. The problem may arise because Hawthorne serves as both the Clan and Commendation vendor. With the addition of her Last Wish Raid Deepsight vendor responsibilities, everything on her end got even squirrellier.

A connection issue across Destiny 2 compounds the problem that disabling all Clan functionality went a long way to addressing. The official Bungie Help Twitter feed confirmed that they’ve disabled Clans across Destiny, Destiny 2, and their websites, meaning that even if you were already in a clan while features went down, the game would treat you like you aren’t now.

The odds are that when Bungie is able to re-enable Clans, everyone in the clan will be able to get past the It’s In the Cards screen again. There’s no telling when clans are re-enabled, as networking issues in an always-online game as complex as Destiny 2 are tricky at best, though Bungie usually finds workarounds like these that only last a day or two.

Here’s hoping the same is true this time. If it’s not, don’t expect to be claiming your Commendation rewards for a bit, but there are plenty of other Powerful and Pinnacle sources in Destiny 2 for you to farm in the meantime.