How to get Deepsight Resonance weapons in Destiny 2

Find weapons with the traits you want to craft.

Image via Bungie

The crafting system in Destiny 2 is massive and gives you some creativity to try out a variety of weapons that you may have not generally used on your Guardian. A significant component of the crafting system will be finding Deepsight Resonance weapons, which allow you to learn specific traits of a weapon you usually couldn’t use and can then bring to your crafting table. In this guide, we cover how to get Deepsight Resonance weapons in Destiny 2.

Deepsight Resonance weapons will begin appearing after you unlock your first Glaive during The Witch Queen expansion. After you’ve done that and worked your way through parts of the primary story, Deepsight Resonance weapons have a chance to drop. When you notice that a weapon has this trait, you’ll want to see if it contains a particular perk you’d like to use at your crafting table or if it’s one you haven’t unlocked yet.

You’ll want to work your way through the main story campaign of The Witch Queen. We unlocked our first Deepsight Resonance weapon by working through The Investigation quest.

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From there, it all comes down to increasing the weapons Deepsight Resonance, which means completing the particular objective for that weapon. First, you’ll need to examine the weapon to read how you increase the weapon’s Deepsight Resonance. After it reaches 100%, you can then extract the essence to use the perk in future crafting projects.