Destiny 2 Ikora: Why You Should Visit Her & What She’s Used For

Ikora is a fan favorite thanks to her dry wit. What many don’t know is that she’s also the keeper of a lot of great content.

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Ikora Rey is an interesting character, to say the least. She’s been around since the original game, but like all of the Vanguards in that game, she wasn’t exactly filled with much personality. But ever since losing her powers during the Red War, she’s grown both as a leader and a vendor.

Another thing that was recently upgraded about her is the services she brings, which now feature a way for players to upgrade their abilities, along with her traditional role as a storyteller.

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What Exactly Are The Services She’s Offering?

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We’re glad you asked! Specifically, Ikora Rey is the Vanguard for those players who play Warlocks. Originally, she only offered players three meditations a week, which allowed us to replay story missions for random rewards. As you may have guessed, this would later become obsolete thanks to loads of new content that continually arrived during seasons, so to add to her initial responsibilities, she was turned into a Daily Heroic Mission playlist vendor to keep that content relevant for farming.

As a side gig, she’s also responsible for dispensing Vanguard Research tokens, which can be used for the unique armor players wore during the Homecoming mission. After the return of The Witch Queen, she was given another new function as an upgrade vendor, where players can unlock new light abilities using glimmer currency. Keep in mind that you don’t need to speak to her directly about everything; instead, she has a handy meditation device right next to her if you wish to use most of her services.

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At the end of the day, if you aren’t already, you should be dropping by to see her regularly so that you can take advantage of her offerings. Getting through the harder content in the game is already tedious enough, so making sure you have the best gear and abilities possible is a good enough motivator to keep checking in. And besides, now that Cayde-6 is no longer with us on a regular basis, we need someone to pick up the slack when it comes to badly timed jokes.