The best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2

These Hand Cannons won’t let you down.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 really hammer home just how wonderful the game is as a shooter. Nice and weighty, with decent damage, range, and adaptability, they can get a lot of work done in the game. 

In this guide, we will run through the best Hand Cannons for both PvP and PvE activities. 


Fatebringer is back, baby. The best Hand Cannon from the original Destiny (for PvE, at least) is back in Destiny 2 and can once again be found in the Vault of Glass Raid. The difference is that this time the Fatebringer can roll with multiple perks instead of the fixed roll of the previous iteration. You can happily farm something that will suit you in both PvP and PvE, but something like a Smallbore, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Payload/Tunnel Vision, Kill Clip roll will make quick work of enemies in PvP. Meanwhile, Full Bore, Appended Mag, Rewind Rounds, and Firefly will give you an ad clear machine for PvE.

Igneous Hammer

The Igneous Hammer, a drop from the game’s most difficult PvP activity Trials of Osiris, is a 120 RPM monster. Its high impact and high range combine to allow it to duel just about anything in the game at range, and up close it will cause havoc in the hands of those with decent aim. Recent changes to the way loot works in Trials of Osiris also means that this now seems to be a more common reward, so you can get it a little easier these days.

Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades will excel in any mode. Whether it is PvP, PvE, or getting in some rounds of Gambit, the Ace of Spades is always worth taking. Memento Mori makes wiping out ads a breeze, while the weapon’s accuracy at distance, and hard-hitting rounds, will make it competitive with any other Hand Cannon in PvP. 


Nightfall drop The Palindrome is a 140 RPM slap stick. Another weapon that can give you some peachy rolls for both PvP and PvE, this is tough to farm, being limited to a single week in a 6 week rotation in the Nightfall activity. As such, some people may decide that other weapons are easier to get good rolls for, and they would not be wrong.


It’s okay if you forgot that Crimson even existed, but it’s time to get your hands on this one if you don’t have it. A burst-fire Hand Cannon with solid accuracy when you learn to control it, this will also heal you when you score kills with it, and precision kills will also reload the magazine. 

People who believe in their aim will be rewarded in PvP as they become difficult to kill, reduce the need to reload, and will mow through the enemy team with ease. 

Waking Vigil

Another glorious return for a great Legendary Hand Cannon. After being cruelly cut down in its prime by Sunsetting, the Waking Vigil is back while the horror of Sunsetting is distant memory. The Waking Vigil can be snapped up in any activity over at the Dreaming City, including Bounties and random drops.

The Last Word

The Last Word is the top choice of a certain type of player in the Crucible. If you enjoy rushing at enemies and burst them down using rapid, accurate hip-fire, then this is the gun for you. Being able to rapidly move around and spam hip-fire is a great way to frustrate enemies and win gunfights. It can take some practice to really get the most out of it. 

The Hawkmoon

Another returned Exotic from the original game, Hawkmoon was reworked to reward consistently good aim instead of just luck. An absolutely monster that is capable of breaking down any boss with ease, especially in large numbers.

While which weapons you prefer will boil down to your own playstyle and preferences, everything on this list will shine in the right circumstances, and reward the time needed to get it.