The best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2

These Hand Cannons won’t let you down.

Destiny 2

Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 really hammer home just how wonderful the game is as a shooter. Nice and weighty, with decent damage, range, and adaptability, they can get a lot of work done in the game. 

In this guide, we will run through the best Hand Cannons for both PvP and PvE activities. 


The Austringer can be obtained through the Menagerie, so it makes this list just for how easy it is to farm. You can roll it out with a Range Masterwork, and just do different runs until you get the perk setup that you want. 

For PvP, something like Extended Barrel, Accurized Rounds, and Range Finder should let it compete with any other Hand Cannon for effectiveness at distance, while something like Outlaw/Rampage should cover you nicely for PvE. 

The Austringer is a workhorse that really should be your go-to option if you have trouble getting any of the other weapons on this list. 

Spare Rations

You can get the Spare Rations through Gambit Prime and the Reckoning. This is a superb PvP weapon due to how many good perks it can roll with. While you might not get your preferred God Roll, it is pretty easy to get a really good roll that will be competitive in PvP. This 150 RPM Hand Cannon can fire quickly enough to out land your opponents who are carrying around 140 RPM weapons, giving you that little bit of an edge you need to win fights. You will see this a lot in Crucible for a reason, and the reason is that it’s a superb weapon. 

Luna’s Howl/Not Forgotten

I’m putting these together as they pretty much follow the same reward path with an interconnected quest. They can be tough to get, but if anything the process of doing so will improve your skill with Hand Cannons to the point where you will be able to get good results with any other Hand Cannon. Even after some nerfs, they can still get a lot of work done. 

Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades will excel in any mode. Whether it is PvP, PvE, or getting in some rounds of Gambit, the Ace of Spades is always worth taking. Memento Mori makes wiping out ads a breeze, while the weapon’s accuracy at distance, and hard-hitting rounds, will make it competitive with any other Hand Cannon in PvP. 


It’s okay if you forgot that Crimson even existed, but it’s time to get your hands on this one if you don’t have it. A burst-fire Hand Cannon with solid accuracy when you learn to control it, this will also heal you when you score kills with it, and precision kills will also reload the magazine. 

People who believe in their aim will be rewarded in PvP as they become difficult to kill, reduce the need to reload, and will mow through the enemy team with ease. 

The Last Word

The Last Word is the top choice of a certain type of player in the Crucible. If you enjoy rushing at enemies and burst them down using rapid, accurate hip-fire, then this is the gun for you. Being able to rapidly move around and spam hip-fire is a great way to frustrate enemies and win gunfights. It can take some practice to really get the most out of it. 

While which weapons you prefer will boil down to your own playstyle and preferences, everything on this list will shine in the right circumstances, and reward the time needed to get it.