Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Roadmap

Time to save the world. Again.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy Roadmap is here, letting us know what we will be doing this season, and when. As always, there are plenty of new activities, all themed around a shy AI known as Rasputin. With a new threat hurtling towards the Last City as the Cabal has scuttled the Almighty, sending in plunging towards earth, it is up to us to save the day in carefully portioned out slices of content that will be arriving on the below dates. 

Season of the Worthy Roadmap

The Season of the Worthy will begin on Mar. 10, giving us our first slice of the new content, and the new Season Pass.

  • Mar. 10 – Seraph Tower Event – new PvE activity
  • Mar. 10 – EDZ Seraph Bunker
  • Mar. 13 – Trials of Osiris
  • Mar. 24 – Seraph Bunker on the Moon
  • Apr. 7 – Io Seraph Bunker
  • Apr. 21 – Grandmaster Ordeal – new Nightfall difficulty
  • Apr. 21 – May 11 – Guardian Games event

There will be more content on the way that is not currently included on the Roadmap. Below, you can find two lists that show what content will be available for all players, and what you will need the Season Pass to access.


  • Defend the Last City from the Red Legion by powering up Rasputin
  • New Seraph Tower public events and bunker activities
  • Trials of Osiris returns every weekend (minimum Power level 960)
  • Seasonal Artifact: Upgrade the Warmind Khanjali to earn Seasonal gear mods
  • Rank up to unlock the Seasonal armor set: Seventh Seraph
  • Rank up to unlock the Exotic Auto Rifle, Tommy’s Matchbook


  • Weekly Rasputin Challenges
  • Legendary Lost Sectors
  • New Exotic questline
  • Instantly unlock the Seventh Seraph armor sets for each class
  • Instantly unlock the Exotic Auto Rifle, Tommy’s Matchbook
  • New triumphs, bounties, and Seasonal lore books
  • Exotic emote, Ghost, ornament, and finisher
  • All XP gains are increased throughout the Season
  • Additional Season Pass rewards to unlock
  • All free Destiny 2 content also included