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Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris: Current Map & Rewards (October 20-27)

The Trials of Osiris are a great way to earn exclusive rewards in Destiny 2 while blasting your way through teams of Guardians, scolding-free.

It’s hard coming to grips with depending on another person to earn progression points in an otherwise difficult situation. Thankfully, that’s not the case in Destiny 2, where the team is great at encouraging players to compete together against one another for better rewards.

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The Trials of Osiris is a great event for players looking for cool rewards or just something to do in between waiting for other events. In this guide, we’ll go over the event’s times and rewards so you won’t have to wonder if it’s worth participating in or not. Let’s get started!

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What To Expect During The Upcoming Trials

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Once the event returns, you’ll be able to speak to Saint-14 at the Tower on Earth. Once you meet him, he’ll give you the Trials Passage that’ll allow you to jump into the appropriate playlist that’ll allow you to participate in the trials.

If you’re interested in how this works for the in-game lore, it all started when Saint-14 perished in the Infinite Forest. He was subsequently saved from death by a group of time travelers and brought back to The Tower in the present day to prepare other guardians for the oncoming battle of darkness via the Trials of Osiris.

What Are The Rewards?

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As per usual, players will have the opportunity to earn cool rewards such as armor, weapons, and rare materials. If there’s something you’re looking to acquire, but it’s difficult to find the right drops, then this is a great way to help the process. The armor it offers is also exclusive, so if you’re into filling your collections up with every item, this is a must in terms of participation. Rewards can be claimed from Saint-14 at the tower, and we’ll update this guide once the event returns.

What Are The Trials of Passage?

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The trials of passage are the quest items that track your progress as you complete missions during the event. These have changed as of the last event that gives players quality-of-life features such as:

  • Players will no longer be penalized for losing matches.
  • Passages now track up to twenty rounds won.
  • A reduction in prices for all passages.
  • Passages are now account-wide, which means you’ll be able to share them with all your Guardians.

Once the passages are released, we’ll be sure to go over each one and how these changes affect them. Each passage is different enough that it will appeal to multiple types of players, no matter the skill level, so picking the right passage will be key to getting the maximum value from it.

Trials of Osiris Weekly Schedule

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The next trial will begin on Friday, October 20, 2023, and run for one week. It will replace the Iron Banner event once it concludes after October 17, 2023. It will run weekly until the next Iron Banner event at a later, unspecified date, sometime next year. For now, sit back and relax, as we’ll be sure to update once the event returns.

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This is all the information we have on the event right now, as Bungie is currently preparing to bring the event back later this month. We look forward to diving into the specifics as they’re released. In the meantime, you can check out our guide on the currently running Iron Banner event, which is set to end on October 17, 2023. It’ll be a good warmup for what’s to come in the trials and a great way to meet other like-minded guardians. Until then, eyes up, Guardians!

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