Destiny 2 Essential Tools For Grinding: Xur Tracker, Item Manager, & More

Destiny 2 is a game with few tools and even fewer convenience features. Here are some essential add-ons that can be used in-game.

Image via Destinyitemmanager

We’re right on the brink of more Destiny 2 content, and tons of new guardians join the battle every day. While we old vets are familiar with the game’s current limitations and have found a way around them, some fresh faces may be suffering from a lack of direction. To help save some brain cells, we’ve scrounged together all the essential tools you’ll need to travel the galaxy in style. Keep in mind that we excluded the ever-popular Fireteam Finder due to Bungie finally incorporating it into an upcoming update.

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Where is Xûr?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Xur can be tricky to find sometimes, as he’s constantly searching for that next valuable item. Like the Lost, he’s everywhere, even where you’d least expect to find him. Luckily, the community has created a tracker that keeps track of his current whereabouts just for you. This is great if you’re looking for a certain exotic that it’s carrying or if you see something else that you like.

Destiny Item Manager

Image via DestinyitemManager

In a game known for its endless amount of loot, there aren’t many ways to manage it. In fact, there isn’t even a wardrobe function for keeping everything in one place. With that said, the Destiny Item Manager does a good job managing these things and more. You can equip items from your bank whenever you want while in orbit.

Ishtar Commander

Image via Apple Store

This app is an alternative to the Destiny Item Manager if you want something more portable. If you’re always on the go, this is a great way to keep track of your items. It has most of the functionality of its competitors, other than the loadouts, which will be coming soon. A neat thing that this app features is the ability to swap items between characters.

D2 Checklist

Image via D2 Checklist

The D2 Checklist is great if you’re feeling directionless when booting up the game. It’s a great all-around tool for events and limited-time activities. We use it frequently to get the most out of our time in-game. It also manages other things like vendors, gear, and social features.