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Diablo 4 – All Keywords and Status Effects Explained

There are multiple keywords and status effects used by every Diablo 4 character, and this guide shares how they all work.

There are multiple attacks and status effects for you to use while playing Diablo 4. These all play into each other, depending on the type of build you want to make for your character. Certain keywords and status effects will matter for specific characters, but knowing how they all work to optimize a build is important.

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There are multiple to go through, and keeping track of them all can be challenging. Here’s what you need to know about every keyword and status effect that takes place in Diablo 4.

What Every Keyword and Status Effect Means in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 has all of the keywords and status effects broken down in the skills trees for every character. However, trying to nail down this information can be difficult, especially for anyone who is playing on a console.

Every Keyword in Diablo 4

These status effects typically have to do with certain abilities or attacks you’re using in Diablo 4. These are all of the keywords that you need to know while playing the game.

KeywordsHow They Work
Armor ContributionHow much of your armor assists in lower the base damage done to your character against non-Physical Attacks
BarrierA barrier that goes over your character’s current health that takes damage from all sources
Blood OrbsAn orb that appears on the ground, healing your character for 15% of their health
CloseAny enemy or character that can be hit in Melee Distance is considered close
Critical HitA heavy hit that does 50% (or more) of the standard attack
DistantAny enemy or character outside of Melee Distance is considered Distant
HealthyYour character is Healthy when they have more than 80% of their maximum life
InjuredYour character is considered Injured if they have less than 35% of their maximum life
Lucky HitLucky Hit is similar to Critical Hit, but certain items or resources can trigger a unique effect if they occur on a Lucky Hit strike against an opponent.
OverpowerWhen your character does an Overpowered attack, this attack will deal bonus damage based on the character’s current life and their Fortified life
StealthWhen your character is in Stealth, they cannot be targeted by another enemy or character. However, if they are hit with by an attack or an AoE, or they attempt an attack, they leave stealth
ThornsWhile your character has Thorns, any attack that directly damages your character will damage the attacker.

Every Status Effect in Diablo 4

For some characters, an attacker can cause a status effect against an enemy, such as causing a foe to begin bleeding, or their movement might slow down because of chill. These are all of the status effects you need to know in Diablo 4.

Status EffectsHow They Work
BerserkWhile Berserking, a character does 25% increase damage and they have 15% increase movement speed for the duration of the effect
BleedThe target takes a DoT effect, their health steadily draining based on Bleeding Damage
BurnWhen an enemy or character has been hit by a burn, they take a DoT effect until the burn wears off
ChillAn enemy or character’s movement speed is reduced while chilled, and if consistently hit by chill attacks, the target might become Frozen
DazeA character cannot perform an attack or use their abilities, but they can continue to move around
DarknessWhen an enemy or character has been hit with Darkness, it reduces their current visibility and prevents them from using any of their skills
FearedWhen an enemy or character has been hit by fear, they are flee from the current area, with no control of their actions until the effects wear off
FortifyWhile Fortified, a character takes 10% less damage from attacks. This effect activates when a character has more Fortify than their current Health meter, giving them a small barrier
FrozenAn enemy or character cannot move or attack. If an enemy is killed in this state, they become Shattered, preventing them from being revived
HealthyAn enemy or character with over 80% of their maximum health is considered Healthy
ImmuneWhile Immune, a character cannot be damaged or be hit with negative effects
InjuredAn enemy or character with less then 35% of their maximum is considered Injured
PoisonedWhen a character has become Poisoned, they take a DoT effect until the poison wears off
TauntedWhile taunted, a character is forced to target the one who caused this effect, and attack them
TetheredIf an enemy or character is tethered, they are locked to a certain area and have to wait for the effect to wear off or destroy the object tethering them
UnstoppableA character or enemy with the Unstoppable effect become immune to all Crowd Control status effects.
VulnerableAn enemy or character with the Vulnerable status effect take 20% more damage from all sources

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