How To Beat The Kor Dragan Stronghold In Diablo 4 (Full Walkthrough)

Tackle this challenging Stronghold in Diablo 4 with some help from this comprehensive guide.


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Diablo 4 is full of content for players to do as they level up, including Strongholds, which offer high Renown rewards and experience and objectives to complete in most seasons of Diablo 4.

Kor Dragan is a particularly tricky Stronghold to complete and might be confusing or challenging for some players. This guide aims to walk you through how to complete this Stronghold and do so quickly and efficiently so you can get back to demon slaying.

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Where is Kor Dragan Stronghold In Diablo 4?

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Kor Dragan is located at the top of the Fractured Peaks in Sarkova Pass. It can be denoted by the red skull-like icon for Stronghold locations. You can enter this Stronghold via multiple pathways visible on the map. The closest Waypoint to this Stronghold is Menestad, which is found just below and to the left of the Stronghold. From there, you can take a small trip up and to the right, and you’ll find yourself at the Stronghold.

Kor Dragan Stronghold is a level 30 activity, so we recommend you are around this level or group up with other players before you take on this content.

Destroying the Corruptions

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Once you enter this Stronghold, you’ll discover it overrun with vampires and other ghoulish enemies, with a certain area blocked by a large Vampiric Abberation. To get rid of this and find the final boss of the Stronghold, you’ll need to destroy the Vampiric Corruption and Incubators found around the Stronghold.

Finding and destroying these is a two-step process. To destroy the Incubators, you will need to find and destroy three Corruptions for each of the three Incubators. Each of the Incubators is highlighted on your map by a yellow circle when you are in the Stronghold, and within each of those circles, you’ll find the three corruptions you need to destroy to be able to then destroy the Incubator.

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To save you from running around trying to find each of these, we’ve highlighted all the Corruption and Incubator locations in the tables below so you can find them quickly. Note that you can destroy the Corruption in any order you want, so long as they are destroyed first before you take out the Incubator.

Each letter shown in the images will be where you will find the Incubator, and the numbers one, two, and three are where the three Corruptions are for that respective Incubator.

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  1. Just left of the incubator, blocking a doorway into a building.
  2. Up in a walkway to the left of the Incubator. Use the ladder below the Incubator and head left across a small gap to find the Corruption.
  3. Head up the stairs to the right of the Incubator, and you’ll find the Corruption.
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  1. Found inside the Cathedral, just below the Incubator.
  2. Left of the Cathedral exterior, can be accessed via a climbable wall to the northwest of the southwest Incubator or by taking the left while in front of the Cathedral.
  3. Head up the stairs located on the south side of the courtyard area.
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  1. Climb up the wall to the northeast and find the Corruption atop the walls.
  2. Head down the stairs at the top just to the right of the first Corruption, and you will find it on the stairwell.
  3. Found just next to the Incubator inside the building at the bottom of the stairwell from the previous Corruption.

With each Incubator, you’ll have a lot of enemies spawn in and attack you as you take out the Corruptions, so be sure to keep on the move and try not to get cornered. As for the Incubators, they will spawn Elites a few levels higher than you, so be prepared to lay into them after taking out the Incubator before moving on to the next one.

After taking out all three Incubators, you can head to the Cathedral again, and in the top area down the stairs from the Incubator, you’ll find the Vampiric Abberation, which can now be destroyed. Once that is done, head down the stairs toward the final boss.

Final Boss Nilcar

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Down the stairs in the final chamber of Kor Dragan, you’ll find Nilcar, a powerful boss who can prove to be rather tricky to defeat. Along with having a small area to fight them, you’ll also have to contend with several Elite adds that spawn during the fight, making it rather challenging.

Nilcar himself will use two primary attacks: a simple bolt of blood that deals a small amount of damage and a blood barrage, which is a channeled attack that sees him fire a string of blood bolts that will deal a lot of damage if you get caught up in the attack. With these, be sure to keep on the move and get some distance during his barrage to minimize your chances of getting hit.

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Aside from this, every quarter of health you reduce this boss by, a new add with spawn in from the Incubators found around the boss arena. These adds can be troublesome and cause the encounter to head south quickly, but they are easier to kill than Nilcar. You can expect one to drop poison pools around the arena, another to use AoE magic, and the final one to create a barrier that can protect its allies and make the fight a drag. In addition, these adds will not die, but instead get stunned when they reach 0 HP before respawning a few moments later.

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We recommend you pick your moments when dealing with these adds, and use Vulnerable or Crowd Control abilities to help slow or stop their advance as you handle Nilcar. Additionally, always prioritize the Knight and his protective barrier, since they will be the one that throws the encounter if not dealt with quickly.

Once you beat the boss, you can fully liberate the Stronghold and get your rewards.

Kor Dragan Stronghold Rewards

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Unlike some of the other Strongholds, there aren’t any crafters or a Waypoint to unlock when you liberate this Stronghold. Instead, you’ll be able to find an Altar of Lilith and access to a Legion Event that will spawn there on occasion, as well as the usual Renown and expereince rewards.

With that, you’ll be able to get some great loot, including cosmetics potentially, and progress certain seasonal objectives while playing during a season of Diablo 4.