Diablo 4 – All KFC Rewards and How to Claim

Learn how to earn all the finger-lickin’ good KFC cosmetic rewards for Diablo 4 in this guide.

Image via Blizzard

Hell is making its way beyond the world of Sanctuary. KFC now offers in-game weapon transmog cosmetic rewards for Diablo 4 to give your demon slayer some extra fashion, ensuring they look good while defeating the forces of evil. There are five rewards across multiple gear types, and getting your hands on them is thankfully relatively easy, provided you enjoy the chicken from KFC. We’ll cover everything you can earn and how to get it in this guide.

How to Get KFC Rewards in Diablo 4

Image via Blizzard

It only takes a couple of steps to start earning Diablo 4 rewards from KFC. First, head to the official rewards website, then do the following:

  • Make a KFC account if you don’t already have one. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, and make a password.
  • Link your BattleNet and KFC accounts.
  • Once your accounts are linked, you’ll be redirected to the real rewards portal, where you can see everything you can earn.

You earn your first reward after linking your account, but after that, you need to make four individual qualifying purchases to claim everything else. You cannot make a single order with four qualifying items. Each reward tier is keyed to a particular order, so while you can order four instances of the same meal, doubling up does not work.

Additionally, all purchases must be made on KFC’s website or the KFC app on Apple and Android Devices. After making a qualifying purchase and redeeming the reward, the weapon transmog will be available in your in-game Wardrobe once you have a weapon of its type. To equip the KFC polearm skin, you need a polearm in Diablo 4, for instance. There is one reward for each class.

All Diablo 4 KFC Rewards

Image via Blizzard

Once you’ve made a qualifying order, you can redeem it either directly on the Diablo 4 rewards site or by using the QR code provided with the order itself. The qualifying items are:

  • KFC Chicken Sandwich for $6.99
  • KFC Chicken Sandwich Combo for $6.99
  • KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich for $9.99
  • KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo for $9.99
  • KFC Sandwich (Classic or Spicy) + Nuggets Big Box for $14.99 for either

After ordering and redeeming, you’ll increase your KFC reward level, earning the following five in-game cosmetics:

  1. The Dread Pheasant Slayer Bow – Unlocked by linking your KFC and Battle.Net accounts.
  2. The Thrumming Axle Staff – Unlocked on your first purchase.
  3. The Hand of Gallus Polearm – Unlocked on your second purchase.
  4. The Vessel of the Eleven Totem – Unlocked on your third purchase.
  5. The Foul Reaper Two-Handed Scythe – Unlocked on your fourth purchase.

If, for some reason, you’re having trouble redeeming your rewards, you can contact KFC customer service, and they should be able to sort everything out. Hopefully, the chicken you get is also good, but that’s a secondary concern.