Diablo 4 – All Stronghold Locations

Diablo 4 players will need to find many Strongholds hidden throughout Sanctuary. Here is a guide for how to find them all.

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Strongholds in Diablo 4 are difficult challenges that players will find throughout Sanctuary. These little dungeons will have fans utilizing their arsenal of skills and weapons in exciting combat opportunities. However, finding them can be just as challenging as taking them down. Because of this, Diablo 4 players will need to keep their eyes peeled while exploring the map.

To help Diablo 4 players locate and tackle these unique dungeons, we’ll go over the locations of every Stronghold in Diablo 4, including their region and some details on what you can expect when you arrive at these locations.

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What are Strongholds in Diablo 4?

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Strongholds in Diablo 4 are best described as smaller dungeons found in the open world. They are often tucked away in larger areas such as abandoned villages, fortresses, or temples and feature tough enemies and bosses, as well as specific tasks for players to complete. Strongholds can be tackled at any point throughout the story and post-game.

Diablo 4’s Strongholds aren’t an easy challenge, as these locations will almost always be a couple of levels higher than your character level, and feature particularly strong encounters. However, they also offer great rewards like EXP, gold, loot, and the biggest Renown reward for liberating a stronghold.

Players who make a seasonal character will need to conquer Strongholds agains with each new character they make. Thankfully, their locations are displayed on the map right from the beginning of your seasonal character’s journey.

All Stronghold Locations in Diablo 4

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Here we have listed all the Stronghold locations in Diablo 4 and a couple of details on what to expect. There are three Strongholds in each of the game’s five regions, making for a total of 15 to complete.

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Fractured Peaks Strongholds

Diablo_IV_Kor_DraganKor DraganLocated in the northern part of the Fractured Peaks, above the Menested Waypoint.

This Stronghold features vampires who have overtaken a Cathedral of Light fortress.
Diablo_IV_MalnokMalnokLocated east of Kyovashad and south of the Beast Tribe Refuge Waypoint.

This Stronghold is covered in a thick blizzard and full of Goatmen you must dispose of.
Diablo_IV_NostravaNostravaLocated north of Nevesk Waypoint, this Stronghold sees you enter a seemingly abandoned village and discover it’s filled with demons and cultists.

Scosglen Strongholds

Diablo_IV_Hopes_LightHopes LightLocated northeast of Braestaig Waypoint, right at the very top of the map.

This Stronghold will require you to make a lot of jumps across broke ships as you approach and climb a run-down lighthouse.
Diablo_IV_Moordaine_LodgeMoordaine LodgeLocated northeast of Trimair Waypoint, this abandoned hunter’s lodge has been taken over by demons. You’ll need to clear out to free the area.
Diablo_IV_Tur_DulraTúr DúlraLocated northeast of Firebreak Manor, this Druidic College has become corrupt and overrun with Goatmen.

Dry Steppes Strongholds

Diablo_IV_Temple_of_RotTemple of RotLocated north of the Jirandai Waypoint, this area has become a cannibals hideout filled with corruption and blood.
Diablo_IV_the_Onyx_WatchtowerThe Onyx WatchtowerLocated southeast of Ked Bardu Waypoint, this watchtower has become a hideout for thieves and lowlifes. You’ll need to clear the camp and destroy their huts to clear the area.
Diablo_IV_Ruins_of_Qara-YisuThe Ruins of Qara-YisuLocated to the south of the Hidden Outlook and Nevesk Waypoints.

In this Stronghold, you’ll find town ruins that have been buried in salt, with spirits ready to attack as you enter.

Kehjistan Strongholds

Diablo_IV_AlcarnusAlcarnus Located south of Jirandai and northeast of Tarsarak Waypoints.

Here you’ll find a desert town filled with zombies and necrotic mess and a surgeon whose experiments arent too savory.
Diablo_IV_Altar_of_RuinAltar of RuinLocated northeast of the Iron Wolves Encampment Waypoint, you’ll find a ruined temple infested with demons and cultists at this Stronghold.
Diablo_IV_Omaths_RedoubtOmath’s RedoubtLocated to the southwest of the Kehj Waypoint, this Stronghold is a battlefield from a conflict long ago, filled with zombies and ghosts for you to battle.

Hawezar Strongholds

Diablo_IV_Crusaders'_MonumentCrusaders’ MonumentLocated southwest of the Wejinhani Waypoint, this monument to the Zakarum Crusade is teeming with ghosts and spirits you’ll need to excise with the help of some crusader skulls.
Diablo_IV_Erimans_PyreEriman’s PyreLocated to the west of The Tree of Whispers Waypoint.

This Stronghold takes place in a remote settlement that has been burning for years. Here you will find a demon who is causing the flame to burn, and you’ll need to put them out.
Diablo_IV_VyereszVyersezLocated south of the Ruins of Rajhat Keep Waypoint.

For this Stronghold, you’ll enter a swamp village with many serpent enemies and one of the toughest Strongholds in the game.