Diablo 4 – Best Dungeon Aspects For A Bone Necromancer Build

To get the Bone Build Necromancer in Diablo 4, make sure you clear these 13 dungeons to get the best aspects.

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Diablo 4 features a whopping 115 dungeons for players to enjoy — or struggle to get through, depending on who you ask. However, not all of them cater to your class or preferred build. That’s why these dungeons are your must-clear destinations if you’re rocking the Bone Build Necromancer.

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What is the Bone Build Necromancer in Diablo 4?

The Bone Build Necromancer unleashes bone spells for devastating damage. This classic build dominates with Magic damage, critical strikes, and bonus effects. This Necro wields unrivaled power with the game’s highest damage multiplier. To get this build, players will need to gather a series of gear, gems, and aspects.

All Dungeons for Bone Build Necromancer in Diablo 4

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Area Dungeon Aspect Aspect Effect 
Fractured Peaks Rimescar Cavern Aspect of Plunging Darkness Causes Bone Prison to spawn a pool of Blight that deals 50% bonus damage over six seconds. 
Fractured Peaks  Nostrava Deepwood Flesh-Rending Aspect Grants +10 essence after Decompose spawns a corpse. 
Fractured Peaks  Black Asylum Aspect of Torment Provides +20% energy regeneration for four seconds when a critical strike is achieved with a Bone skill. 
Fractured Peaks  Caldera Gate Eluding Aspect Grants unstoppable for four seconds when becoming injured while crowd-controlled; it has a 40-second cooldown. 
Scosglen Vault of the Forsaken Requiem Aspect Increases the maximum essence by +3 per active minion 
Scosglen Aldurwood Aspect of Reanimation Increases Skeletons’ damage while they are alive, up to 20% after 10 seconds.
Scosglen Hive Aspect of Swelling Curse Causes Bone Spirit to deal increased damage based on the distance traveled, up to 15%. 
Dry Steppes Path of the Blind Aspect of Bursting Bones Deals X damage in an area around a segment of Bone Prison when it is destroyed or expires. 
Dry Steppes  Champion’s Demise Aspect of the Umbral Restores +1 of the primary resource whenever an enemy is crowd-controlled. 
Dry Steppes  Guulrahn Slums Splintering Aspect Causes Bone Spear’s primary attack to make enemies hit beyond the first vulnerable for 1.5 seconds; Bone Shards from Bone Spear deal 50% bonus damage to vulnerable enemies and pierce them. 
Kehjistan Hall of the Damned Aspect of Disobedience Grants +0.25% increased armor for four seconds when dealing any type of damage; stacks up to 25%. 
Kehjistan Shivta Ruins Wind Striker Aspect Grants +8% movement speed for one second, up to six seconds, when landing critical strikes. 
Kehjistan Corrupted Grotto Aspect of Grasping Veins Provides +10% critical strike chance for six seconds when casting Corpse Tendrils; deals +30% bonus damage to enemies affected by Corpse.