Diablo 4 – How to Remove Socketed Gems

In Diablo 4, you can remove socketed gems and keep your favorite ones close to your heart. For a price, of course.

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While strolling through the treacherous territories of Diablo 4, engaging in epic battles against demon armies, you might have stumbled upon some shiny loot in the form of gems. And because those demon hordes continue to grow and become more fearsome, sticking those gems onto your gear could give players the buff they need.

Whether it’s Amethyst, Emerald, or Ruby, each gem serves a unique purpose and isn’t exactly a walk in the park to find. That’s why when a fancy, rarer piece of gear catches your eye, you’ll want to snatch that gem from your old gear and slap it onto the new one to make it even more remarkable. 

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How to Remove Socketed Gems in the Jeweler

When you find yourself in Kyovashad, visit the one and only Jeweler. Approach this gem expert and locate the “unsocket” option through one of the tabs. 

Once you’ve found it, look for the icon below the “Directly in Inventory” option. Remember that this formal method of gem removal comes with a fee, but your gear won’t be destroyed while doing so. There is another method you can use, and it involves visiting a blacksmith.

How to Remove Socketed Gems in the Blacksmith

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Make your way to the trusty Blacksmith and converse with them. Next, select the weapon you want to remove the gem from. After that, the gems and raw items will appear in your inventory. Note that this will remove the gem for free, but also destoory the item.

Avoid the “All Junk” option. Choosing this option would lead to the tragic oversight of the salvaged items.

How to Get Gems in Diablo 4

There are three ways to get more gems in the game.

  • Enemies will drop gems from time to time, and they will also appear in the forgotten chests scattered across the map.
  • Uncover gems by smashing ore deposits like a true mineral-loving maniac. 
  • Visit the Jeweler and craft some gems. This feature unlocks once your character hits Level 20 or 40 and requires a specific number of Crude or Chipped gems.