Diablo 4 – All Crafting Options & Their Uses

Crafting in Diablo 4 is a major part of progressing your character and creating your build. This guide will detail how Crafting works.


Diablo 4 features a robust crafting system which is a key part of progression and creating your character’s build, especially in the endgame. There are quite a few crafting options for players to get to grips with, and each offers different helpful services that players will need to use to make the most out of their characters.

In this guide, we’ll explain all the crafting options in Diablo 4, how they work, and what each crafting Artisan can do for you.

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How Crafting Works in Diablo 4

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Crafting in Diablo IV is done via Artisans, and each will provide different services players will use to create and upgrade their gear and equipment as they progress through the game.

There are four Artisans that players need to know: The Blacksmith, Alchemist, Jeweler, and Occultist. You will be visiting them a lot during your time in Diablo 4 since they play a crucial part in your character’s progression and builds. You can find all of these Artisans in each region’s main city, and usually a Blacksmith and Jeweler in most villages and towns in Sanctuary.

All Crafters and Their Uses in Diablo 4

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Here we have listed each crafter, and what services they will provide players, so you know who to talk to depending on what you are looking for and a few details on when they will become available to use.

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The Blacksmith

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The Blacksmith is responsible for upgrading and maintaining your gear and providing the Salvage service so you can dismantle old gear for materials. They also can repair your gear when it is damaged after you die.

For upgrading, you use your Diablo IV materials from salvaging and finding them in the world to upgrade your gear’s stats. How much you can upgrade a piece depends on its rarity, with the lowest being once with Common gear, then increasing by one until Scared and Ancestral gear, which can be upgraded five times.

You unlock this Artisan at level 10 and will be given a Priority Quest to help you find them and unlock their services.

The Jeweler

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The Jeweler handles your jewelry and gem sockets in Diablo 4 and is your one-stop shop for anything involving your rings, necklaces, or the crafting and upgrading of gems.

Crafting gems is pretty simple. As you explore Sanctuary, you will come across gems you can socket into certain armor, providing additional bonuses to your character. If you collect 3 of the same gem, you can talk to the Jeweler and combine them into a stronger version of that gem for a small sum of money. They can also remove gems from armor, and create sockets in armor with the Scattered Prism items found from World Bosses. Like the Blacksmith, they can also upgrade your jewelry to increase its stats using materials

You unlock this Artisan at level 20 and will be given a Priority Quest to help you find them and unlock their services.

The Alchemist

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The Alchemist is your go-to for anything involving potions and elixirs, which can help you survive and thrive in Diablo 4.

Their main bonus is their ability to upgrade your healing potion, which you will be using a lot during your adventures, and upgrading it will keep you in fighting order as you face tougher enemies. You can upgrade your potion every 10-15 levels. Additionally, this Artisan can create elixirs that can provide buff and bonuses to EXP gain, resistances, and increased damage to certain enemies.

They can also craft incense which provides your Diablo 4 party buffs to players and can refine resources into other resources, so you can have what you need to make the right elixirs.

You unlock this Artisan at level 10 and will be given a Priority Quest to help you find them and unlock their services.

The Occultist

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The Occultist is arguably the most important Artisan in Diablo 4, as this person handles stats, legendary aspects, imprinting, and extracting legendary abilities.

This Artisan can change the stat rolls on your gear, allowing you to craft and mod it into the perfect piece for your play style. They also are who to talk to about imprinting and extracting your Legendary Aspects. By taking a legendary piece of gear to this Artisan, you can extract its special ability and be able to imprint it onto another piece of armor, making it a Legendary piece of gear and giving it your desired effect. You can also imprint a Legendary Aspect from the Codex of Power, which are the abilities found from completing dungeons, but these will be weaker versions of effects found in the world.

These Artisans also have an endgame feature, as players can use this Artisan to create Sigils, which are special keys that turn normal Dungeons into tougher versions called Nightmare Dungeons, they are also able to salvage these Sigils if a player doesn’t want to attempt a particular Dungeon.

You unlock this Artisan at level 25 or when you first get a Diablo 4 Legendary Aspect and will be given a Priority Quest to help you find them and unlock their services.