Diablo 4 – Best Dungeons to Farm For Loot & EXP

You can complete multiple dungeons in Diablo 4, but this guide highlights some of the best dungeons for farming that you can find in the game.

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There are dozens of dungeons for you to crawl through in Diablo 4. These are not required pieces of content, but they contain some of the better pieces of loot you can find in the game. Each dungeon has a specific requirement to unlock the end and face off against its final boss. Some dungeons are easier than others, making them more desirable to farm for loot.

Not every dungeon is created equal, and some are easier to complete than others. This guide covers the best dungeons you should be farming in Diablo 4, giving you a good amount of experience points and some of the best loot.

What Are the Best Dungeons to Farm in Diablo 4?

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Anica’s Claim is one of the better dungeons you can find in Diablo 4. It’s a dungeon you can find relatively early on in the Fractured Peaks. What makes this dungeon good is that it’s small and doesn’t have a giant loop to it.

Many of the dungeons in Diablo 4 have several pathways that you have to explore, find the objectives inside, and reach the final boss. Anica’s Claim doesn’t have this. Instead, it has a small circle pathway that you can follow, reaching the end exceptionally fast.

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Some players typically choose to remain at the entrance of the dungeon, going through the loop. After they’ve defeated the Elite enemies that appear at this location, they exit the dungeon, log out of Diablo 4, and then log back into the game. When they log back into the game, the Elite enemies have returned to the dungeon, and they rinse and repeat the process.

Many of the Elite enemies within the dungeon are in this small circle, making it easy to take them out, fight through the horde, and pick up any of the loot they drop. This has turned Diablo 4’s Anica’s Claim dungeon into a favorite for anyone who wants to get loot quickly and exit with a good amount of experience points

This is not the only dungeon where some of the easier Elite enemies appear in Diablo 4. Some other personal favorites from community members include Maugan’s Works and Champion’s Demise. Champion’s Demise has a similar structure where it features a relatively small loop for you to follow, with several enemies clustered together.

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It might be a good idea to swap between Anica’s Claim and Champion’s Demise, completing them both in a swift loop. You can log out after completing both of these dungeons, and the enemies should respawn in both, giving you plenty of choices to farm more loot and experience points in Diablo 4.