Diablo 4 – How Does a Campfire Work?

A campfire will not just keep you warm in Diablo 4; it will also provide another benefit.

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As you spend your time exploring Sanctuary in Diablo 4, you might encounter something in the world that can be a little bit vague. Although Diablo 4 does a reasonably good job of explaining most of its systems, there are moments when you can be left entirely stumped.

Coming across a campfire in Diablo 4 can be one of those confusing moments, as it isn’t made clear what this burning lump of wood might do. However, they do offer benefits, so here is everything you need to know about campfires in Diablo 4.

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What Does a Campfire Do in Diablo 4?

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A campfire can only be found in limited circumstances throughout Diablo 4. You’ll most likely come across a campfire when assembling for a world event, like The Gathering Legions. During one of these events, a countdown will start to tick on the map, letting you know when this particular event will begin, and you’ll need to meet at the gathering point with everyone else. This is where you’ll find a campfire.

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The campfire provides an experience buff when within range of it and will increase in stacks over time to a maximum of 15%. It takes two minutes to reach the total experience bonus, so you’ll want to ensure you’re at the event early enough to get the complete benefit. You’ll be able to see the campfire bonus above your toolbar, where the other buffs are generally located.

This experience buff is only for the event you’re at and won’t extend out into the open world of Sanctuary once the event has been completed or if you decide to leave. We think the campfire is used to incentivize players to be at the event early so that as more players join, they can see a group already beginning to form.

You can also stack this campfire buff in Diablo 4 with your other bonuses, such as playing with another group of players, or popping an elixir before battle.