Diablo 4 – How to Beat Lilith as a Defensive Bleed Barbarian

Lilith is the final boss of Diablo 4, and she present a fitting challenging for players. This guide will details how to beat Lilith in Diablo 4.


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After hours of playing Diablo 4, exploring Sanctuary, battling monsters and demons, and helping your allies, you will finally face Lilith in Act 6 of Diablo 4’s main campaign. This is the final story boss of Diablo 4 and is a tough fight for even a fully equipped character, and it will be a test of players when they eventually face down the Daugther of Hatred. Even for my pretty strong build, I found the encounter challenging, but with some well synergies skills, I was able to outlast and muscle through the fight.

In this guide, we will go over the Lilith boss fight, including her moves, phases, and rewards, so you can be prepared when you face the Mother of Sanctuary in an epic final battle.

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How to Prepare Before Fighting Lilith

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Given Lilith is the final boss of the main campaign in Diablo 4, it should be no surprise that it’s a tough fight. To give yourself the best chance of defeating her, you’ll want to upgrade all your gear as much as you can first, making sure to have Legendary effects that will benefit you. Additionally, it’s worth having both offensive and defensive skills since you’ll need to survive some hard hits and attacks she will use during the fight. It’s worth having Crowd Control, Unstoppable, or any barrier skills and abilities if you can.

You’ll want to have enough potions to last the fight since it can be pretty long, so be sure to have full potions, and have them upgraded as much as you can, including their potency and capacity. The more you can have, the better. Having an Elixir on hand wouldn’t hurt either.

Defensive Barb Build Skills, Passives, & Legendary Aspects

Below you will find what build I used when fighting Lilith, which included the Legendary Aspects, all the skill points earned by leveling up, and several earned via the Renown System. Note this was during the pre-launch period, and this build can likely be improved or altered depending on your playstyle.


  • Frenzy (1/5)
    • Enhanced Frenzy
    • Combat Frenzy
  • Rend (2/5)
    • Enhanced Rend
    • Violent Rend
  • Iron Skin (1/5)
    • Enhanced Iron Skin
    • Strategic Iron Skin
  • Leap (1/5)
    • Enhanced Leap
    • Power Leap
  • Rupture (1/5)
    • Enhanced Rupture
    • Fighter’s Rupture
  • Iron Maelstrom (1/1)
    • Prime Iron Maelstrom
    • Supreme Iron Maelstrom
  • Gushing Wounds


  • Pressure Point (3/3)
  • Imposing Presence (3/3)
  • Outburst (3/3)
  • Tough as Nails (3/3)
  • Pit Fighter (3/3)
  • No Mercy (3/3)
  • Expose Vulnerability (3/3)
  • Thick Skin (3/3)
  • Defensive Stance (3/3)
  • Counteroffensive (3/3)
  • Hamstring (1/3)
  • Cut to the Bone (3/3)

Legendary Aspects

  • Aspect of Ancestral Echoes
  • Aspect of Anemia
  • Aspect of Bul-Kathos
  • Aspect of Encroaching Wrath
  • Aspect of Tempering Blows
  • Aspect of the Iron Warrior
  • Earthstriker’s Aspect
  • Iron Blood Aspect
  • Slaking Aspect

How to Beat Lilith in Diablo 4: Phase One – Creator of Sanctuary Form

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In the first phase of the Lilith boss fight, you’ll have a couple of attacks to avoid while keeping up your damage. Her main attack will create diagonal lines across the stage and after a few seconds, will ignite with flames following the same direction. She will also periodically flap her wings toward you while jumping back, launching a dark spikey wave toward you. You’ll want to move and avoid these attacks as they come and use your evade or any move that grants speed increases to keep you agile. A lot of her moves will also slow you, so be sure to have skills to mitigate or remove these effects.

She’ll also do some slashing attacks with her wings toward you as well as teleport around the area and will continue these until around 75% health.

At this point, she will begin to summon waves of Oppressor demons you must deal with while keeping yourself out of her attacks. Later in the fight, this will include elite enemies. From there, she will repeat and mix up these moves as you lower her health, becoming a bit more aggressive the weaker she gets. At this point, stay sharp and keep moving out of her attacks and doing damage as much as possible while dealing with her minions. Any moves you have that can add Stagger to knock Lilith down will be of great use here, and if you can debuff with Vulnerable, that will be even better.

Using this build, you’ll want to get in some damage and bleeds early to get a steady DPS on Lilith, and have your Frenzy stacks maxed in order to get the most damage reduction you can. From there, you will want to keep moving when needed and laying as much bleed as you can. With the increased damage from Rend and Cut to the Bone on Vulnerable enemies, and the frequency this occurs, you should be able to keep up these debuffs for most of the fight. From there, use Rupture to take large chunks of health, or if you need some quick healing and potions are running low.

How to Beat Lilith in Diablo 4: Phase Two – Daugther of Hatred Form

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After you defeat Lilith the first time, she will return in a more demonic form, complete with a long tail, more aggressive attacks, and new moves. She will also have enhanced versions of all of her previous attacks for you to deal with.

Lilith will summon blood growths across the stage periodically, which explodes, causing a lot of damage, and can slow your character, so you want to avoid these as much as possible. Additionally, she will fly across the stage, leaving a black mist behind her; you want to get out of this as soon as possible since this area takes up a large area and deals a lot of damage very quickly. She may use a move with her wings that pulls you towards her and into the blast area and slams down on you, so be ready to run, evade, or use a defensive with immunities from Crowd Control.

At around 75% health, Lilith will create a fiery line on the ground at certain parts of the stage. Put simply, you do not want to be there since she is about to destroy that section of the arena, making the area smaller, and if you don’t avoid get out in time, you will die instantly. Around 50%, she will do the same again, and another one or two times before she dies, all while the other attacks and AOE’s are still coming at you. At this point, you will need to avoid any damage you can and deal as much as possible, as the small area you have can quickly become filled with attacks and overwhelm you if you aren’t careful.

Like before, you want to keep up your Frenzy stacks and debuffs, letting Lilith bleed and adding to it as much as you can. In this phase, I played more aggressively and used my Iron Skin quite sparingly to keep up my health and defense. If you play it smart and ration your potions, and keep up the bleed and Vulnerable, you should find yourself chipping away steadily and surviving most of the heavy hits, if you are paying attention.

Once she reaches zero health, you will have defeated Lilith and completed the Diablo 4 campaign!

Diablo 4 Lilith Boss Fight Rewards

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Aside from the glory of finishing the campaign, you’ll also receive a hearty amount of loot, including a few Legendaries. You will also receive your first Unique Item: Mother’s Embrace. This ring comes with the following stats and Legendary effect:

  • +18.7% fire resistance
  • +18.7% shadow resistance
  • +6 all stats
  • +2.9% lucky hit chance
  • +10.5% critical strike damage
  • +14% overpower damage
  • +1 socket
  • Legendary Aspect: If a core skill hits five or more enemies, 25% of the resource cost is refunded.

Once you have grabbed your loot, follow the last few story markers to the Epilogue, and once that’s done, you will be in the endgame and begin the grind to level 100, tougher world tiers, and more loot and content to enjoy!