Diablo 4 – How to Complete the Light’s Watch Side Dungeon

The Light’s Watch Side Dungeon in Diablo 4 is as straightforward as it is deadly. Find out how to beat it here.

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Situated in the southern portion of the Fractured Peaks, the Light’s Watch Side Dungeon is one of the harder optional activities available early in your Diablo 4 adventure. It’s filled with bandits, werewolves, and vampires. All of these enemy types come in huge waves, putting your survivability to the test. On top of that, the boss of Light’s Watch can be a significant gear check, especially if you find the Dungeon before you’ve had a chance to learn your class.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to complete Light’s Watch and strategies for surviving it.

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How to Survive in Light’s Watch in Diablo 4

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First and foremost, I don’t recommend going into the Light’s Watch Side Dungeon until you’re at least level 15. At that point, you’ll have a bit of survivability from barriers, lifesteal, and slightly upgraded potions, plus a few pieces of Rare gear that can help carry you through. I entered the Dungeon as a Sorcerer, and Ice Barrier was incredibly useful thanks to its low cooldown and ability to tank even the biggest hits.

Almost every fight in Light’s Watch has a few ranged enemies, and the corridors can get very tight, so do your best to take out the mobs on the fringes first so you don’t eat an arrow.

Progressing in the Dungeon requires you to defeat two Watchmen – large Elite bandit enemies with massive health pools and the ability to delete half your health in a single swing – and tons of smaller allies. There are other Elites wandering around as well, but the ones you need to defeat are clearly marked above their health bar.

How to Complete Light’s Watch in Diablo 4

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Light’s Watch is a fairly linear Dungeon, so as long as you proceed toward areas not yet on the map, you should be fine. Parts of the Dungeon that come to dead ends will invariably loop back onto the main path, and if they don’t, it’s easy to backtrack to return to the path forward.

Again, you’ll need to defeat two Watchmen elite enemies to proceed through the locked door at the Dungeon’s midpoint. It’s hard to pinpoint where you’ll see yours, as Diablo 4’s dungeons are procedurally generated, so our layout won’t match yours, and neither will the details of the Watchman fights.

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The Watchmen are sluggish, large, and easy to kite around the arena but hit like a truck. If you can face tank his damage for a few seconds, even a less-than-optimal setup can chunk his health bar by at least half. The other modified Elite that spawns with him is the more significant threat for this first Watchman fight. Mine created freeze zones, so keep an eye out for whatever shenanigans yours try to pull. My run put both Watchmen close to the locked door at the center of the Dungeon, so you shouldn’t have to look far.

Once you’re past the locked door, it’s a relatively straight shot to the boss, a massive werewolf named Den Mother. Fighting her is a whole other topic, but our guide on how to beat her has everything you need to know.