Diablo 4 Season 2 – Free vs. Paid Armor Sets

Get a look at the new threads your demon slaying hero can sport in Diablo 4 Season of Blood.


Image via Blizzard

Diablo 4’s Season of Blood brings with it plenty of new content and mechanics like Vampiric Powers for players to sink their teeth into, as well as several new armor sets players can earn from the Battle Pass. Blizzard has also provided the usual addition of new cosmetics in the shop, so players can change the look of the characters going into this new season.

With all the armor being class agnostic and progress in the Battle Pass shared across your seasonal characters, it’s relatively easy to work towards getting these rewards, and for Season of Blood, they are looking pretty damn good.

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Diablo 4 Season of Blood Free Armour Set – Fur-Lined

Screenshot by Gamepur

Below we have the free armor set you can get from the Battle Pass in Season of Blood, the Fur-Lined set. This set is included in the free version of the Battle Pass and players do not need to purchase anything for this set.

ImageNameUnlock Tier
Diablo_4_Fur_Lined_BorkFur-Lined BorkTier 75
Diablo_4_Fur_Lined_GambesonFur-Lined GambesonTier 2
Diablo_4_Fur_Lined_MittsFur-Lined MittsTier 12
Diablo_4_Fur_Lined_BritchesFur-Lined BritchesTier 23
Diablo_4_Fur_Lined_BootsFur-Lined BootsTier 36

Diablo 4 Season of Blood Paid Armour Sets – Marrow and Awoken Marrow

Screenshot by Gamepur

Below are the two paid armor sets you can get from the Battle Pass in Season of Blood, the Marrow and Awoken Marrow sets. While they look similar in appearance, the Awoken Marrow set features cool particle effects on its helm and shoulders, as well as splatters of blood across the armor pieces.

These sets require you to purchase the Battle Pass for Season of Blood to claim these rewards.

Marrow Set

ImageNameUnlock Tier
Diablo_4_Marrow_ArmetMarrow ArmetTier 40
Diablo_4_Marrow_BrigadineMarrow BrigadineTier 20
Diablo_4_Marrow_TalonsMarrow TalonsTier 30
Diablo_4_Marrow_WrapMarrow WrapTier 10
Diablo_4_Marrow_StridersMarrow StridersTier 33

Awoken Marrow Set

ImageNameUnlock Tier
Diablo_4_Awoken_Marrow_Armet Awoken Marrow ArmetTier 89
Diablo_4_Awoken_Marrow_BrigadineAwoken Marrow BrigadineTier 80
Diablo_4_Awoken_Marrow_TalonsAwoken Marrow TalonsTier 50
Diablo_4_Awoken_Marrow_WrapAwoken Marrow WrapTier 70
Diablo_4_Awoken_Marrow_StridersAwoken Marrow StridersTier 60