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Diablo 4 Season 2 – Best Builds For Each Class (Tier List)

Which class is looking the strongest in Diablo 4's Season of Blood? Here are some builds to consider using.

Diablo 4 Season of Blood is here, and naturally, players will be jumping in with a new character to undertake the seasonal story, Journey, and enjoy all the new content in the game. Like with every season, the meta of Diablo 4 is freshened up and sees classes and builds move up and down in terms of their viability and strength in the season, and Season of Blood is no exception.

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With some major changes to the game and several classes, it has been quite the shake-up for the game, and this guide aims to give you the details of some of the best builds for each class, as well as how they are looking as the Season of Blood begins.

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Best Builds for Diablo 4 Season 2

While this guide will talk about and suggest certain builds, this shouldn’t be taken as gossip, as it is perfectly feasible to play the Season of the Blood with a class considered less optimal and still enjoy the content and gameplay. You should play what you want and have fun, that’s the most important thing. Think of this as a suggestion for what to try if you fancy playing a particular class, and enjoy discovering and finding what works for you by playing and enjoying the game.

Additionally, this is looking at the game from its current standing at the beginning of the season, and you can expect this list may get updated as things settle and players begin to dig into the fine details as they see builds in action.

Best Sorcerer Build – C-Tier

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Sorcerers have seen some buffs and improvements since Season 1’s major nerf to the class, but it’s still lagging behind the other classes, making it a less viable option in its current state. Build-wise, the few we recommend are:

  • Blizzard – While not great for leveling, this build can be a CC and be a good option for Nightmare Dungeons, Bosses, and massive AoE damage.
  • Fireball – Excels at AoE with fiery destruction, big Critical Damage, and cool visuals, though struggles with bosses and can be very Mana-hungry.
  • Arc Lash – A relatively easy playstyle and build to achieve, and offers a slightly tanky, melee ranged build that relies heavily on Critical Strike Chance, Cooldown Reduction, and Attack Speed stats.

Of these builds, Blizzard is the one we think would be your best choice, as its ability to destroy more content, be played at range, and the CC capabilities make it a good choice. However, for the build to be at its best, you will need the Glacial Aspect for its extra Ice Spikes that will dish out more damage and deal even more to Frozen enemies. Because of this, you will need to keep finding level-appropriate versions of the Aspect. You’ll also need to use Flame Shield, Ice Armor, and Teleport to keep yourself alive, which can prove tricky. Be sure to take Mana Shield and Protection passives for further survivability.

Beyond this, the class is very squishy and may struggle with some of the higher-end content. Its lower survivability makes it a particularly tough class to play at the moment, even after the improvements made in Patch 1.2.0. Plus, much of what makes these classes pop comes down to very specific stat setup and Aspects, which can also make getting these builds up to par a significant challenge.

Best Barbarian Build – B-Tier

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Barbarians are going into season 2 relatively strong, though not quite at the same level it was during the game’s launch, with several good builds at their disposal. This includes:

  • Double Swing Barbarian – Excels at tight group and boss-killing.
  • Rend & Rupture – Great for single target DPS, adaptable, and Rupture can melt elites and bosses.
  • Whirlwind – Uses shouts and the “spin to win” Whirlwind ability to clear almost any encounter. Super versatile and simple to play.
  • HotA Barbarian – Great for clearing all content and features high mobility.

Double Swing is a prime choice for the season and will likely prove to be a juggernaut when it comes to defeating the new endgame bosses. You’ll want to use the Aspect of Audacity and Ground Stomp to keep enemies in CC and ready to slash while using Challenging Shout to bring them into range.

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HotA is also a good choice and remains one of the Barbarian’s best options. Be sure to have Offensive Aspect of Ancestral Force to increase your HotA radius, and be sure to use all the shouts you have to get buffs and bonuses like Fury generation to work with your HotA’s Enhanced Passive and Berserking for that sweet extra damage.

Best Druid Build – A-Tier

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Druids are looking like one of the stronger choices going into Season of Blood, with a good amount of options to choose from, all offering very different playstyles, but that does come with the downside of a weaker leveling experience. Our recommendations include builds such as:

  • Pulverize – The fan favorite that involves simple, tanky gameplay that can flatten a group of enemies with ease as a big ol bear.
  • Werewolf Tornado – Flood the screen with tornados and watch as enemies are blown away with this simple-to-play build with plenty of storms and weather-based attacks.

For these two builds, Pulverize would be our first pick for a few reasons, the first being that most of the Aspects that make this build worthwhile can be found in the Codex of Power, so it is easier to get it up to scratch. These include Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast, Aspect of Retaliation, and Aspect of Ursine Horror. In contrast, others like Shockwave Aspect, which is very helpful for the build, need to be found. Along with that, this build can be relatively easy to play, and thanks to the Ursine Strength Passive and a lot of Overpower sources from Enhanced Pulverize and Provocation, and tons of Fortify from Grizzly Rage, Debilitating Roar and passive effects, you’ll be one tough bear to take down.

Best Necromancer Build – A-Tier

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Necromancers are looking great for Season of Blood, with a smooth leveling experience and a good variety of build options that put them in the upper reaches of this list. As for builds, there are a few good options, such as:

  • Bone Spear – This build continues to be one of the game’s most fun and powerful, with major damage, vulnerable uptime, and good survivability.
  • Blood Lance – Thanks to changes to Overpower in Season 2, Blood Lance has become a highly competitive build with massive damage output.

With Blood Spear, you will need a few Aspects to really bring this build to its full potential, these being Splintering Aspect for more Vulnerable and AoE damage, Aspect of Grasping Veins for increased Critical Strike Chance after using Corpse Tendrils to group enemies together, Aspect of Serration for more Critical Strike Damage from your Bone Skills with the Ossified Essence Passive and Aspect of Torment for increased Essence Regeneration from Critical Strikes with Bone Skills. All of these work together to give you massive Essence generation and make the most out of Critical and Vulnerable damage, causing you to be a damage-dealing machine that will tear through enemies with ease, and it’s a build that is fun to play from level 1 to 100.

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As for the Blood Lance build, thanks to reworks to Overpower, this build has seen a nice increase in damage potential and viability. This build works best when you have the Aspect of Gore Quills, Aspect of Untimely Death, and Aspect of Grasping Veins, as they will allow you to do more damage with Blood Lance, increase your Overpower damage, and increase your Critical Damage after using Corpse Tendrils respectively. With these, you’ll be able to group enemies easily, get increased damage, and make the most of your passives and Overpower damage, meaning you’ll not only deal significant damage, but also become quite tanky in the process.

Best Rogue Build – S-Tier

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Rogues are going into Season of Blood at the top of the list with a ton of viable builds that make them fantastic choices for players. Some of these builds include:

  • Twisting Blades Rogue – Exceptional power that destroys in all content but suffers from weak defenses and can be challenging.
  • Death Trap Rogue – High CC and Nuke capabilities make this a powerful option if you don’t mind a bit of setup.
  • Rain of Arrows – Major AoE, high Energy, and a simple playstyle make this a prime-ranged build.
  • Penetrating Shot – Long-ranged AoE and burst damage makes this primed for Nightmare dungeons if you can handle the slower pace and positioning.

While ranged builds can be fun options, both Twisting Blades and Death Trap builds are looking to be the top options. For Twisting Blades, you’ll want to get the Bladedancer Aspect for its orbiting blades that keep dealing damage in crowds, as well as having the Advanced passive for reducing cooldowns as you use it, meaning you can throw on your Posion and Shadow Imbuements constantly for more damage, DPS, and vulnerable uptime. Top that with the Combo Points Specialization, and you will be easily cutting enemies down.

As for the Death Trap build, this works similarly to Twisting Blades, but instead of using Imbuements as your main focus, you’ll be using both Death and Poison Trap, making use of the Exposure Passive, and reducing cooldowns with ease for maximum trap usage. You’ll again use the Bladedancer Aspect for its Lucky Hit chance, which works well with Exposure for reducing Death Trap’s cooldown and making use of the Second Wind passive to increase that Lucky Hit chance; then, you place traps strategically and watch your enemies get annihilated.

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