Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant – Malignant Tunnel Locations, Objectives, & Wrathful Invokers

Here is all the details on the new seasonal dungeons in Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant.


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Season of the Malignant has begun in Diablo 4, and players have several new mechanics and additions to play with its release, including the seasonal mechanic Maligants Hearts.

Alongside the Malignants Hearts, a new type of dungeon content has been added to the game called Malignant Tunnels, which feature quicker, more kill-focused objectives and a way to farm for specific Malignant Hearts for your character. That said, there are a few elements to Malignant Tunnels that players may find confusing, overlooked, or be unaware of.

** This Guide is currently in progress, and will continue to update as new info becomes available**

To help you get the most out of these new dungeons, we’ve put together this guide with all the details on the Malignant Tunnels, including their locations, what they do, and how you can farm them for Malignant Hearts.

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What are Malignant Tunnels in Diablo 4?

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Malignant Tunnels are seasonal dungeons found in Sanctuary during the Season of the Malignant. In these dungeons, there is a higher concentration of corruption, resulting in more enemies that will drop Malignant Hearts. These smaller, fast-paced dungeons are designed to be used for farming Malignant Hearts and progressing certain Seasonal Journey quests.

Players unlock the ability to enter Malignant Tunnels during the “A Plague of Hatred” seasonal quest, which has you enter your first tunnel and defeat enemies inside until you clear the dungeon. From there, you will unlock most of the Malignant Tunnels in Sanctuary.

Invokers and Farming Malignant Hearts

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As well as finding Malignant Hearts out in the world, you also find them in the Malignant Tunnels, but you also can have more say on what kind of heart you find thanks to Invokers.

Invokers are a craftable item that players can use to farm for specific Malignant Hearts, making it easier to find and focus on the ones you want for your builds. These Invokers can be crafted to be Vicious, Brutal, or Devious and cost 90 Ichor, the seasonal material found from corrupt enemies and certain world events.

Depending on the Invoker you want to make, the amount you need for each Ichor will change, with the color you want being the biggest chunk of the total. However, it will still come to the same price. For example, if you want a Brutal Invoker, you will need 20 Devious and Vicious Ichor, but 50 Brutal Ichor as this is the Invoker you are making. This applies to all except the Wrathful type, which we have yet to unlock, but we will update this guide with the information when we find it.

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They are used at the end of specific Malignant Tunnels to activate specific corruption outgrowths. For example, if you want to farm for Devious Malignant Hearts, you would find the Maligant Tunnel that makes mention of that heart type in its description.

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You then clear the tunnel and at the end, find an outgrowth for your Invoker. Activate it, and you defeat the enemy and claim your new Malignant Heart.

How to Get Wrathful Malignant Invoker

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One particularly elusive item players are looking for is the Wrathful Invoker, which will enable players to activate Wrathful Outgrowths in Malignants Tunnels and get their Malignants Hearts. These hearts also have the bonus of slotting into any color slot.

Getting these Invokers can be a bit tricky as you cannot directly make them like the other Invokers. Instead, you will need to create an Uncertain Invoker Cache, which will cost you 40 of each Ichor, as this has a random chance of dropping on of these Invokers.

Thankfully, getting the hearts and Ichor isn’t too difficult, so you should have the resources needed pretty frequently to get them, you’ll just have to hope you are lucky when it comes to opening your Caches.

Malignant Tunnel Locations in Diablo 4

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Below you will find all the locations of Malignant Tunnels we currently know of, and we will update this guide as and when we find more.

Diablo_IV_Bedeviled_Grotto_LocationBedeviled GrottoLocated in Hawezar northwest of the Backwater Waypoint.
Diablo_IV_Den_of_The_Blight_LocationDen of the BlightedLocated in Hawezar just outside of the Ruins of Rakhat Keep.
Diablo_IV_Dindai_Hollow_LocationDindai HollowLocated in Dry Steppes southwest of Cormond’s Workbench.
Diablo_IV_Fissure_of_Malice_LocationFissure of MaliceLocated in the Fractured Peaks between Nostrava and the Nevesk Waypoint.
Diablo_IV_Ravening_Pit_LocationRavening PitLocated in Dry Steppes northeast of the Jirandi Waypoint.