Diablo 4 – What is Lucky Hit Chance?

Still confused as to what Lucky Hit Chance is and how it works? This guide goes over this new Diablo 4 feature.

Image via Blizzard

Lucky Chance in Diablo 4 introduces a fresh layer of strategy and variability to combat encounters. It incentivizes players to consider the specific skills they employ and the gear they equip to optimize the probability of triggering advantageous Lucky Hit effects.

This mechanic adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, encouraging players to explore different combinations of skills and gear to maximize their effectiveness in the ongoing battle against the forces of darkness. Though, for all its awesomeness, it’s pretty hard to understand how it actually works in the game.

How Does Lucky Hit Chance Work in Diablo 4?

Image via Blizzard

Lucky Hit Chance is a novel game mechanic determining the frequency of triggering on-hit effects during attacks. It diverges from Critical Hit Chance in that the likelihood of a Lucky Hit is directly associated with skills rather than solely relying on the character’s statistics. Lucky Hit Chance serves as an estimate of the probability that a skill will result in a Lucky Hit.

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In Diablo 4, each skill possesses its own base, Lucky Hit Chance, which can be accessed by enabling Advanced Tooltips within the game’s Settings. It is important to note that Lucky Hits do not always yield tangible benefits. However, the game’s specific skills and gear items incorporate additional effects that activate specifically when a Lucky Hit occurs.

To illustrate, a Staff may boast a 5% chance of instantly executing an enemy upon landing a Lucky Hit. These supplementary effects can be powerful, prompting players to enhance their likelihood of occurrence, particularly if they possess such a weapon.

Moreover, players can leverage Legendary Aspects, which enable the application of new Lucky Hit effects to their gear. By harnessing these Legendary Aspects, players can expand the potential Lucky Hit outcomes range and customize their gameplay experience further.