Discount Doc Cyberpsycho Sighting – Cyberpunk 2077

The doctor is in.

The Discount Doc Cyberpsycho Sighting can be a bit of a doozy. You will be taking on a very angry man wearing a full exoskeleton, carrying a massive shield, and armed with an industrial-strength gun.

You can find the Discount Doc Cyberpsycho Sighting in Santo Domingo, in the Rancho Coronado area. You want to approach this fight carefully, with a plan in mind before you get there.

The Cyberpsycho will repeatedly fire shots at you, then raise his shield while he is reloading, giving you only very narrow windows of time to damage him. If you have the right build to use some decent Quickhacks, Short Circuit will fry the battery in her exoskeleton. Weapon Malfunction will show down the gun for a short period of time, and System Reset will completely shut him down, making it an easy day at the office.

If you don’t have those options available, then Smart Weapons and the high ground are a good combination. If you can get to a roof, then do so, and shoot down at him. This will make it much easier to hit him in the head, maximizing your damage. Tech weapons and Electrical damage are also great options to use in this fight.

Mostly, you want to be patient. Depending on your build, and level, then the damage that comes your way may just one shot you. When the fight is over, search in the Ripperdoc’s office for a console that will contain some messages you need to read, then search the Cyberppsycho to find a shard that you need to read called “Call a crew”. Finally, call Regina and fill her in on the details to finish up the encounter.