Disney Dreamlight Valley – All Emerald Bottle Locations

The potato quest continues in Disney Dreamlight Valley, requiring players to get all 16 emerald bottles in the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley bottles

Screenshot by Gamepur

In order to find the green potato, players will need to find all 16 of the emerald bottles in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This quest will take some time to complete, but we’re here to make things a bit easier by showing you exactly where each of the bottles is located, many of which are scattered around each biome.

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Where To Find All 16 Emerald Bottles In DDV

disney dreamlight valley emerald bottle locations map
Map By Gamepur

Above is a map showing the exact locations where players can fish up Emerald Bottles in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players will need to use their Royal Fishing Rod and aim for the bottle’s location. If they hit the right spot, an orange fishing pool will appear, and the fishing mini-game will begin.

To make keeping track of these bottles a little easier, here is a list of how many Emerald Bottles are in each biome:

  • Forest of Valor – x1
  • Frosted Heights – x1
  • Forgotten Lands – x1
  • Peaceful Meadow – x2
  • Sunlit Plateau – x2
  • Glade of Trust – x4
  • Dazzle Beach – x5

What To Do With The 16 Emerald Bottles in DDV

Once all 16 of the emerald bottles are collected, players can convert the bottles into what are called emerald silvers. After that, head over to the craft bench and make a Jade Crystal, and then go to the Sunlit Plateau Mine. Here players will find a green orb, this will equip the gamer with some seeds.

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When the seeds are in the item inventory, head over to the Forgotten Lands and plant the potato seeds. This will grow a green potato that gives players a code for a unique adventure. And once all is said and done, players will receive a special rainbow fox companion. That’s everything to know about finding all 16 Emerald bottles in Disney Dreamlight Valley.