Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Customize Furniture With Motifs

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to customize furniture using the Touch of Magic tool, here’s how to use it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley custom furniture

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game that is constantly encouraging players to express themselves and what they love. In the fifth update of the game, they added a feature that allows players to customize pieces of furniture like wardrobes, beds, tables, and more. Not only can the colors and patterns be chosen, but Motifs can be added as well. This guide will explain how to customize these pieces of furniture to make player houses look even more remarkable than before.

How To Customize Furniture In DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley custom items
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There are currently 12 items in Disney Dreamlight Valley that can be customized, but this number could change as the game gets more updates. To begin, head over to a crafting table and go under the furniture tab. The list will load up the customizable items, they will appear white until they are decorated later. Click on one of the pieces of furniture and make sure the materials needed to make it are on hand, then craft it.

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Once the item is crafted, it can be placed in the player’s home. From there, a prompt will pop up asking if players would like to customize the item using the Touch of Magic Tool. Players will be able to select the colors and also add fun Motifs to their designs as well. Using some creativity, players will design some pretty cool things for their houses.

After creating a design and wanting to save it, simply back out of the Touch of Magic Tool editor, and the item will be saved to the customization item list. From there, players can select it and place it wherever they want in their home. It will act just like every other furniture item within the game.

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Disney Dreamlight valley customization tool
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The new customized item will be accessible whenever a player wants to use it, and players can design as many items as they want. This opens up so many new doors for customizing items throughout the valley, even more than before. That’s everything to know about using the Touch of Magic Tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley.