Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Craft Mannequins

Disney Dreamlight Valley welcomes in mannequins to display their outfits and custom clothing designs in their homes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley clothing

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Disney Dreamlight Valley keeps adding new ways for players to express themselves in the game, especially with the addition of customizing furniture with the Touch of Magic Tool. However, a feature similar to the Touch of Magic Tool has been in the game since the beginning, but for clothing.

Players have used this tool to make all the outfits they wish they had within the game, mainly outstanding Disney-themed dresses. This guide will teach players how to display outfits on Mannequins.

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How to Craft Mannequins in DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Mannequins can be crafted with some pretty basic materials, each coming in different colors and poses so players can express themselves to the fullest. Below is the list of what materials are required for each of the mannequins.

  • Thoughtful Black Mannequin – Softwood x15, Fiber x15
  • Relaxed Hip Black Mannequin – Hardwood x15, Fiber x15
  • Hand on Hip Black Mannequin – Dry Wood x15, Fiber x15
  • Relaxed White Mannequin – Hardwood x15, Fiber x15
  • Chin Up White Mannequin – Dry Wood x15, Fiber x15
  • Hesitant White Mannequin – Softwood x15, Fiber x15

How To Use A Mannequin

Using the mannequins in Disney Dreamlight Valley is fairly easy. All players need to do is walk up to the mannequin and click the prompt that comes up. When doing so, it will then put on whatever outfit the players have on, which makes it quick to save outfits and also changes outfits between doing things around the valley.

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That said, mannequins aren’t just for quick outfit changes. Using them is a great way to display designs players on various outfits across the Valley. Just as with the new Touch of Magic Tool for furniture, people can display their custom clothes on the mannequins for some extra creativity in their homes.