Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Festival of Foolishness Codes

Use these Festival of Foolishness codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley to unlock Snowballs, Night Shard, Dream Shard, and other exciting rewards.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley developer Gameloft hosts many events for the community to participate in, and recently ended one on a high note, being completed faster than expected. The giving spirit continues as the Festival of Foolishness begins and brings forth a bunch of codes for players to use and get more materials, other extra items, and even unlock some items.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to participate in Festival of Foolishness

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Festival of Foolishness event brings fans together on the official Discord server. This event is a unique choose-your-own-adventure story where YOU control the outcome, featuring our favorite pals, Stitch and Donald Duck. To participate in Festival of Foolishness event, players will need to join the official Discord server. It is a story-based challenge where after joining the server, players can head down to the Festival of Foolishness channel and begin.

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From there, everyone can read the instructions and begin a story-based game. Players will be given a paragraph to read that sets them into the story, and then, they will be prompted with a couple of different answers for what can happen next between Donald Duck and Stitch. Depending on the answers given will determine which code is received at the end of it all.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley Festival of Foolishness Codes

There are nine Festival of Foolishness codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley that can be received, each giving different prizes of various materials. Once a code is redeemed, the items will arrive in the mailbox outside the player’s home.

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  • FOFSURPRISEKIT – Snowballs x15, Hardwood x15,Glass x15
  • FOFSUCCESS – Pumpkins x8
  • FOFLOSHARD – Night Shard x5, Dream Shard x5
  • FOFGLITTER – Moonstone x150
  • FOFCATCHDAY – Anglerfish x5, Fugu x5, Kingfish x5
  • FOFLOGEMS – Diamond x3, Ruby x3, Sapphire x3
  • FOFTROPHY – Moonstone x150
  • FOFCRAFTYKIT – Clay x5, Fabric x5, Cotton x5
  • FOFSOUVENIR – Iron Ingot x5, Gold Ingot x5, Tinkering Parts x5

This event will last until June 9, 2023, but the codes won’t last much longer and will expire on July 10. Be sure to hop in on the fun while you can.

How to redeem Festival of Foolishness codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To redeem Festival of Foolishness codes, go to “SETTINGS,” then select “HELP” choice from the list of options available on the left-hand side, and then “Redemption Code.” Enter the code from the list above and click on the “Claim” option. A prompt will appear informing you that the reward will be available in the players’ mailbox immediately or in a few minutes or hours.