Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza Event: Dates & Details

An Easter-related event called Eggstravaganza makes its way to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Image via Gameloft

An Easter event is on the way to Disney Dreamlight Valley called Eggstravaganza, where players can track down eggs scattered throughout the various biomes. These eggs are far different than the ones you’ll be finding for Chez Remy, and they’re only going to appear for a limited time.

The Eggstravaganza event will be available to all Disney Dreamlight Valley citizens and can be completed throughout the month of April 2023. Here’s what you need to know about the Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza event and when it starts.

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When is the Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza 2023 event?

It has been confirmed that the Eggstravaganza event will happen in Disney Dreamlight Valley from April 8, 2023, to April 29, 2023. This should give players enough time to gather up all the eggs that appear in the game. When you gather the eggs from the event, you can plant them in your garden at your leisure.

So long as you have a character in the game, these activities will be available to you and you can complete them while they appear in the game.

How does the Eggstravaganza event work in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

How the Eggstravaganza event will work is multiple unique eggs will appear throughout the game for a limited time. There will be multiple eggs that you’ll need to collect, and they’re going to appear in specific locations. These are going to be the Vegetable and Fruit eggs that appear in the game.

There are going to be Daily and Weekly quests being added to Disney Dreamlight Valley. The daily and weekly quests will be repeatable, and you can expect to craft, collect, and chase rabbits throughout the game. These will offer exclusive event materials that are obtainable through the major showcase.

Here’s the best way you can find Egg-cellent-fruit, Wild Spring Eggs, and Spring V-egg-etables.