Disney Dreamlight Valley Hotfix 14 Patch Notes – Fixes for Dreamsnaps Challenges Now Live

Disney Dreamlight Valley is giving out free moonstones after this hotfix.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitch Drops

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has received a quick little update today to fix some issues with the Dreamsnaps Challenges. These updates are referred to as Hotfixes, meaning there isn’t much to them, but they are fast updates that developers normally release within the middle of a season. So while Disney Dreamlight Valley won’t receive its next big update until September, it will get hotfixes for any issues in-between. It also seems that players will be receiving a fun gift along with the update.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Will Be Receiving Free Moonstones

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Shortly after the update for Disney Dreamlight Valley launched, making some bug fixes, the developers took to Twitter to also announce that players will soon be receiving 1000 Moonstones. This is a thank you from the team for being so patient with them during the early access of the game. Below are the patch notes for the hotfix that took place.


– Fixed additional causes of Initialization Error #201. 

– Fixed an issue in which the Dreamsnaps menu would not appear in the Event tab for some Xbox players. 

– Fixed an issue in which items placed in Furniture Mode would occasionally disappear and be reset to their original locations after leaving the menu. 

– Fixed an issue in which some players found one of their in-game houses completely empty after updating to the DreamSnaps Update. 

– “Boss Up” quest: Fixed an issue that prevented the game from registering the mystical sword after it was picked up, preventing progress in the quest. 

– Implemented further improvements to drastically reduce the chances of the DreamSnaps voting queue appearing empty with no applicable submissions to vote on. 

– Fixed an issue that prevented the “new item” notification from disappearing after viewing the WALL·E Dream Bundle. 

– Fixed an issue that caused DreamSnaps progression rewards to appear for sale in Scrooge McDuck’s Store. 

– Fixed an issue in which some players did not receive chest rewards for their participation in a DreamSnaps challenge. 

– Fixed an issue in which using a quest item on a keyhole with the right mouse button would occasionally cause the player’s inventory to behave strangely, eating a different food item from the one selected. 

– Adjusted the DreamSnaps logo on the DreamSnaps Long Sleeve Shirt. 

– Various additional bug fixes. 

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As always, the developers send a reminder that you can check out their Trello board to report any issues you might have been receiving with the game, and they will work on getting all the bugs squished.