Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Make a Shake

Disney Dreamlight Valley has countless different meals and especially many desserts, here is how to make the shake.

Disney Dreamlight Valley shake

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has so many yummy recipes that players can make in the game, everyone’s favorite being the desserts. There are numerous different types of cakes, cookies, and more that players have the choice to make, including adorable boba teas. But we cannot forget about milkshakes. The Shake is a meal that can be made in the game that comes in a cute little cup with a Dreamlight symbol on the front. This guide will explain what is needed to make a Shake in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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How to Make the Shake in DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Make Grilled Vegetables (Crudites)
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Making a Shake in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a very simple and easy recipe, especially if players have Remy’s Restaurant unlocked, as the ingredients needed can only be purchased from his kitchen. When entering his kitchen, players will see a shelf in the back of the space, and this is where some ingredients can be purchased that cannot be found anywhere else. In order to make the Shake, players will need to use a single ingredient from either the Dairy or Oil categories. However, eggs or cheese cannot be used.

I recommend that players purchase Milk from Remy’s store and use that to make their shake since it is the easiest one to get and use. I make the recipe using milk and raspberries, which can be found around Peace Meadow and the Plaza. Once players have the required ingredients, they can then take them over to the cooking pot system, where they can use x1 coal to make the dish.

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This meal is categorized as a dessert and is a 1-star recipe, so players won’t get large amounts of energy from it, but it’ll be another dish added to their evergrowing recipe collection and can also be gifted to other characters for extra friendship points.