Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Craft Every Storage Chest

Finally…we have space.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players in Disney Dreamlight Valley all seem to run into the same problem — not having enough inventory space. Something that the developers noticed was how many of the game’s fans were creating chest rooms, where they’d have a dozen chests sitting about the floor holding all their important materials and belongings. Players would take photos of their “storage rooms” and post them on social media, which then seemed to give the developers the idea to make different size storage chests.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley storage chests and how to craft them

Screenshot via Gamepur

There isn’t just one set of chest sizes in the game; there are many different colors as well. This ensures that you are able to match your house no matter which chest you choose. This will bring the player’s storage rooms to the next level. Each chest requires slightly different materials to unlock; some just take different color flowers for a chest of a special color, while bigger chests also need Dreamlight for the extra storage space. Below is a list of each chest you can find a recipe for under the Functional Items tab.

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  • Small Chest – 25 softwood, 25 stone
  • Medium Chest – 25, softwood, 5 iron ingot
  • Small White Chest – 25 softwood, 25 stone, 6 White Daisy
  • Medium White Chest – 25 softwood, 5 iron ingot, 6 White Daisy, 1000 Dreamlight
  • Small Yellow Chest – 25 softwood, 25 stone, 6 Dandelion
  • Small Blue Chest – 25 softwood, 25 stone, 6 Blue falling Penstemon
  • Medium Blue Chest – 25 softwood, 5 iron ingot, 3 blue star lily, 1000 Dreamlight
  • Small Green Chest – 25 softwood, 25 stone, 5 green rising penstemon
  • Medium Green Chest – 25 softwood, 5 iron ingot, 5 green rising penstemon
  • Small Red Chest – 25 softwood, 25 stone, 10 red falling penstemon

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Making these chests will give your storage a sizeable increase, and they are a great way to organize all your belongings in the game.