Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Flower Types and Where To Find Them

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled to the brim with beautiful flowers. However, each variety grows in different locations.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has a ton of flowers that players can collect and use in a variety of different ways. Each biome in the game has a different set of flowers, and many are important for crafting or completing specific quests. This guide will go over all the different flowers available and where to find them.

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All Flowers in Disney Dreamlight Vally and Where To Find Them

Disney Dreamlight Valley, all flowers
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Below, we have created a chart that contains all the different flower types in Disney Dreamlight Valley – including their different color variations, how much they sell for, and where to find each of them in their native biomes.

Flower typeSelling priceLocation to find it
Black Passion Lily79 CoinsFrosted Heights
Blue Falling Penstemon23 CoinsPlaza
Blue Hydrangea28 CoinsDazzle Beach
Blue Marsh Milkweed48 CoinsGlade of Trust
Blue Passion Lily56 CoinsFrosted Heights
Blue Star Lily30 CoinsForest of Valor
Dandelion23 CoinsPlaza
Green Passion Lily28 CoinsFrosted Heights
Green Rising Penstemon35 CoinsPeaceful Meadow
Orange and Red Marsh Milkweed66 CoinsGlade of Trust
Orange Houseleek52 CoinsSunlit Plateau
Orange Marsh Milkweed33 CoinsGlade of Trust
Orange Nasturtium60 CoinsForgotten Lands
Orange Star Lily43 CoinsForest of Valor
Pink Bromeliad27 CoinsSunlit Plateau
Pink Houseleek35 CoinsSunlit Plateau
Pink Hydrangea22 CoinsDazzle Beach
Purple Bell Flower30 CoinsForest of Valor
Purple Falling Penstemon18 CoinsPlaza
Purple Hydrangea39 CoinsDazzle Beach
Purple Impatiens40 CoinsForgotten Lands
Purple Marsh Milkweed25 CoinsGlade of Trust
Purple Rising Penstemon25 CoinsPeaceful Meadow
Red Bell Flower25 CoinsForest of Valor
Red Bromeliad27 CoinsSunlit Plateau
Red Daisy48 CoinsPeaceful Meadow
Red Nasturtium40 CoinsForgotten Lands
Red Passion Lily38 CoinsFrosted Heights
Sunflowers28 CoinsDazzle Beach
White and Pink Penstemon41 CoinsPlaza
White and Pink Hydrangea54 CoinsDazzle Beach
White Bell Flower30 CoinsForest of Valor
White Daisy25 CoinsPeaceful Meadow
White Impatiens30 CoinsForgotten Lands
White Marsh Milkweed33 CoinsGlade of Trust
White Passion Lily38 CoinsFrosted Heights
Yellow Bromeliad73 CoinsSunlit Plateau
Yellow Daisy20 CoinsPeaceful Meadow
Yellow Nasturtium85 CoinsForgotten Lands

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Because Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently in early access, this list of flowers will likely keep growing as new content is added to the game. Because of this, players will want to check back regularly after updates to see what new blooms might be populating their valleys.