Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Fast Travel

Here’s how to fast travel using magic.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast Travel

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has many cool and handy features, one of them being fast travel. Having fast travel in video games is a lifesaver for many reasons, not only is it easier, but then players don’t have to run all over a big map. While the Disney Dreamlight Valley map might not be as massive as some other games, using fast travel also makes it easy to catch up to a villager you need before they move somewhere else.

Players who have just recently started Disney Dreamlight Valley won’t have the fast travel feature unlocked yet, but it comes soon. This will mainly only come in handy if players have multiple biomes, new players will only have the Plaza at first. Unlocking biomes as well as the fast travel portals will cost Dreamlight and Star Coins which players will learn about early on in the game. This guide will explain everything to know about fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How Does Fast Travel Work in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

How To fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Fast travel isn’t something that is required to play Disney Dreamlight Valley, but it is a feature players will quickly be grateful they unlocked. Players will be able to fast travel between the Plaza and Meadow biomes. Using fast travel is very easy but will require players to unlock wells, which can be seen sitting in front of the castle when first starting the game.

When walking up to one of the wells, players can press the appropriate button on their controller or keypad to bring up the main menu. The map will display each location that is available to fast travel to, after clicking one, players will be teleported there.

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Where Are The Fast Travel Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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The map will show purple symbols that resemble the wells, the icons that are bright purple are unlocked while the transparent icons are not unlocked. Players can find a well in each of their biomes in different locations.

Once a player unlocks a new biome, they can make their way over to the well and click on the building sign. After that, Scrooge McDuck will appear and ask you to pay a fee in order to restore the well. This will then unlock fast traveling to that designated biome.